Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc hands on


  • halo

    AFTER X10, I will never buy another Sony Ericsson android phone again, just forget about getting upgrades on time from SE.

  • Lexcyn

    At least you know that with Sony, once you buy the phone with a certain OS on it, you KNOW that it will never be upgraded. People by now should know what they are getting into before purchasing it.

    That said, its a nice looking phone, but I don’t like Sony’s custom UI at all.

    • Ron

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  • Arber

    wind doesnt carry any sony phone j**g lol?

  • mike

    sony ericson didn’t provide updates for their old line up, because they want to promote their new OS on their new line ups, simply put

  • Mak


    Do you even know that WIND does not carry SONY handsets?
    Do you just like being a troll/ROBELLUS fanboy without feeling the need to educate yourself?

  • samsunggravity

    JAWG you have a serious mental problem. Wind does not have any sony phones.

    • Alice

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  • ROB

    Yet no front facing camera…epic fail

  • Xperia X10

    Final Fantasy XIV !

  • farmerpete

    Watch when he unlocks it. It says Rogers.

  • user

    Sony Ericsson: X10 2.1 custom UI is better than stock 2.2, hence no update needed.

    Good luck with getting update on this one.

  • jellmoo

    I’m very curious about battery life on this guy…

    It is nice to see Sony taking a more serious path in the smart phone world. They have an uphill battle with their recent track record though. If they keep on top of it and work at releasing updates quickly and efficiently, I think they have a shot with this phone of returning s a high tier manufacturer.

  • JAWG

    @@@@@Mak & samsung:

    If you guys had any brains at all you would realize that wasn’t me by now and that the troll is actually the Fake JAWG who has no life…so why not show some integrity by scolding him instead of making fools out of yourselves and further understand he’s one of you since your insults are meaningless.Truly hilarious and so pathetic to spend his day that way with no real opinions.So…deal with your own mental problems.

    Secondly…I’m with Mobi now and have no connections to Rogers…therefore jot it down to remember.

  • Troll Patrol

    I’d like to nominate JAWG for the annual MobileSyrup Troll appreciation award. He’s the biggest lunatic and Wind hater on these comment boards, and for that, he deserves first place and a nice big kick in the balls. Like this status if you’d also like to nominate JAWG for this prestigious award. 🙂

  • Bob

    after having the sony x10 for a few months,, never would i buy another,,

  • Mike

    I’ve had the x10 for 6+ months now. I’m eligible for a HUP as I traded a B9700 that I won for the x10.

    I want to stay with Android. But aside from the X10, Captivate (which i heard has had issues), does anyone know what other droid devices Rogers may get that i should wait for. It’s sad when “Canada’s leading *bullsh!t* wireless retailer” can’t even offer the best droid phones.

    Hopefully they’ll complete with Bell for the Atrix.
    As for Nexus S, no external microsd slot, no thanks.

  • cam

    nice looking device, but looks cheap and will be a finger print magnet. but the real problem is that sony will never upgrade the software and the i hate the skin so much. The atrix and infuse look really good from ces but if you ask me getting the nexus s is still the best android experience you know you will have the new google software for years to come and that is reassuring.

  • Zeake

    Ewwwww. is that TimeScape? lol disgusting, do they really thing people use that, I wish I could delete timescape permanently from my phone!

  • Sub-Joker

    It’s funny how at 5:17 the phone is so laggy. SE UI is the worst. and it becomes so laggy while he’s saying “it’s very quick, very responsive”. lol. and yes, you can see “ROGERS” when the phone is locked. now we know where this garbage is gonna go to.
    so while Telus and bell are releasing the Desire HD, possibly milestone 2, and Atrix, Rogers is releasing garbage….. great Rogers, just great.

    • Colin

      So Sony is using Rogers as it’s Mobile Carrier, all companies have to chose a provider for their telecom. It’s got a Rogers SIM in it right now, but it doesn’t mean that Rogers will carry it.

  • Sub-Joker

    hahah, even in the second video the guy struggle to flip through the 5 screens. This phone is jokes.

  • DocB

    I sold my X10 after having it for about 8 months. I’m on the Desire now. I have to say that I liked the SE from a hardware point of view. The 8.1 Meg camera with image stabilization was excellent, and it was actually louder than the Desire, and had a bigger screen. However, software-wise, the phone was horrible.
    For those of you thinking of getting this phone, realize that it will likely not be updated beyond 1 more iteration of Android (if your lucky). However, if you are going to be happy with the phone as-is, then its not a bad choice.
    Me, I wouldn’t buy another SE unless it gets fully rooted (ie the bootloader) first. (Which still hasn’t happened with the X10)

  • Amar

    It’s actually looking great, the hardware SE makes is good, they just need to patch up the software a bit and push out updates much faster, which they promised and we can see it because all their new devices are 2.3 which is better.

  • crunch204

    @mike u wanta good android device? switch to Bell or Telus.

  • JAWG


    Are you kidding me? Why don’t you take your nonsensical question to one of the troll forum you and my imposter came from?

  • velvetk

    “Folder” feature is a copy cat from iPhone. What a shame.

    • Corks

      Android had folders well before iOS jumped on the bandwagon

  • Corks

    no dual core? ….c’mon sony

  • Jean-Michel

    I love this unit, sadly I was expecting a dual core somehow.

  • Niko

    Hi guys/gals,

    I have been looking at a phone upgrade which is long overdue, I have a Sony Ericsson k790a device which i still use from time to time, to be honest this device has been flawless for me, never has broken down and the battery life is almost like new since day one, really don’t want to turn the chapter on it although need something new and more viable lol (sorry i know you droid lovers out there are laughing at me) anyway I really like Sony Ericsson devices from a design and hardware perspective and I have read afew good things about the X10/X10i series of phones. I am looking for a device though that will work on the Wind network here in the Toronto/GTA area and i have read there are people who are using the X10i with success on Wind mobile, that being said i was looking toward the Sony Ericsson ARC and noticed the specs are very similar it seems bandwise, does anyone know if this phone works on the Wind mobile network and if it does how effective and stabilise it is on that network? or am i better off getting an X10i?

    Thanks very much