Android Market crosses over the 225,000 app milestone

Since checking up on the Android Market stats about a month ago reveals some gains in the number of apps. At the end of December of 2010 Google’s Android Market had about 200,000 apps with an 103 apps being downloaded every second. Today, according to AndoLib (who do a fine job at tracking Android) shows that there are now over 225,000 apps available. Free apps dominate the list with a total of 149,620 and paid apps 75,576. The Android Market was opened on October 22, 2008 and as I type this it currently has 2,726,710,281 apps downloaded. There are still 103 apps being downloaded every second, but this means the Android Market is seeing 8,899,200 apps downloaded on a daily basis (86,400 seconds in a day multiplied by 103 apps per second).

To compare to other app stores. It was revealed yesterday that RIM’s BlackBerry App World has over 17,000 apps available and over 2,000,000 apps are being downloaded every day. Apple on the other hand has over 300,000 apps and is about to cross the 10 billion app download mark.