103 Android apps are downloaded every second


  • Luis

    dang – Android FTW!!!!!!!

  • Becker

    that’s a crazy number

  • khadar

    woow android growing up eh… good to see that cuz i hate iphone to death cuz of stupid itunes thing

  • EraqEE

    Android Apps = Quality
    Iphone Apps = Quantity

    It’s quality that counts, people.

    • zorxd

      Android does have a few quality apps, so does iOS but I think that the biggest difference is that :

      iOS= mostly paid apps
      Android = mostly free apps

    • TNSF

      Oh please, what a lame attempt to make excuses for the smaller app base on Android.

      Every platform has good and bad apps. At least with iOS they go through an approval process to make sure they A) work and B) don’t steal your personal info and send it to China.

  • Sigh

    What I like to know, for both Android and iOS apps, is what percentage of the total available apps (200K for Android and 300K for iOS) accounts for, say, 80% of the download. I don’t have the answer but would it surprise me if the percentage is very low, like, 20%? Not at the least. This would mean that 80% of the apps are either not even looked at or are so bad people don’t download. So, do we really need 200K~300K apps?

  • ToniCipriani

    Somewhat wondering how many of those are actually unique new downloads. I know for one thing two of my friends with their Galaxy S has gone through several reflashes in the past month and redownloaded everything.

    • daveloft

      Teach them how to use Titanium Backup so they stop wasting time and resources.