TELUS to release the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate


  • gquie


  • GDub

    (1)Would this still be a CDMA phone like the Fascinate on Verizon? (2) Will it be running straight up Froyo or will Telus alter the software in some way?

    Annoying that there’s no information in this post.

    • Gere

      It seems to be an HSPA device…the image says 3G+, unless someone made a mistake. It’s like how they got the HSPA Milestone instead of the CDMA droid.

  • Spock

    Right everywhere except MANITOBA…and if it is a CDMA phone….too little too late…

    Rogers Captivate here I come Bye Telus it was fun.

  • Taylor

    @GDub: In the image, it says 3G+, so I would imagine it will not be CDMA.

  • Dan John

    Ok, will someone please answer this question :

    What is the difference between the Captivate, Vibrant and Fascinate???

    • zorxd

      I guess you are talking about the Bell Vibrant (the T-Mobile Vibrant is something else)

      Bell Vibrant:Front camera, plastic iPhone 3 look, 3 buttons (no search button)
      Rogers Captivate:Metal case, more expansive, no front camera, 4 buttons
      Telus Fascinate:no info yet…

    • Jeff

      With the bell vibrant, I believe long pressing menu gets you search.
      The most noticeable difference between the bell vibrant, rogers captivate and telus fascinate (assuming it is very similar to the one from verizion) is the design. Each phone has a design that might please individual users.

      Also I believe fascinate will come with a camera flash if it is the same as the one on Verizon which might be a big thing for some. Bell vibrant has a front facing camera which may be attractive to some. For the captivate, the metal backing gives the phone a bit less cheap feel to it.

      Also would like to add that I got my captivate AT&T version and I’m loving it. Definitely recommend anyone a Galaxy S device.

  • Trini

    nothing really. the fascinate has a camera flash, the others don’t thats it. the captivate has a different form factor. those are the differences.

  • Kieran

    Ten bucks says they get it before Rogers gets captivate in.

  • Acey

    The Fascinate will look like Bell’s Vibrant as far as the outer curve, but will probably keep the flash and 4 capacitive buttons from Verizon’s Fascinate. Telus could stomp on Bell on Rogers here if they price this at $449 off-contract like the Desire, but that is unlikely given the unfavourable number of Desires that were selling off-contract.

    • chall2k5

      449? the phone is barely worth $5

  • DJM

    Lucky them

  • Adam

    How does this device stack up to the HTC Desire? Anyone have full specs? I am particularly interested in available application memory.

    • Acey

      I like my Galaxy S and picked it over the Desire for the super AMOLED… but if the screen didn’t matter I’d definitely go with the Desire. There you can find functioning Froyo ROM’s, among other things.

    • zorxd

      The Galaxy S has a much faster GPU than the Desire. They both have about the same amount of RAM. The display is better on the Galaxy S, and it may have a front camera.
      The Desire is like a Nexus One which you need to hack to get froyo. Technically, it is a device from the beginning of 2010, while the Galaxy S is a real mid-2010.

    • M1LK

      @ Adam

      in regards to the comparison to the HTC desire.. the build quality of the HTC desire out does the Galaxy S.

      The Galaxy S has a MUCH better GPU, and if you root the phone… all the galaxy S phones turn into the godly android device we all knew they could be. They exceed the Nexus 2.2 tests, and i’m pretty sure they exceed the G2 by 200 points

      by as the crew from pocket now said, it’s not that big of a difference.

      Personally I’m waiting for the HTC Desire G2 from Bell.

      Even though I need to shell out for some Expansive memory… the Micro SDHC has dropped in price BIG time.

      In addition I believe the Tmobile G2’s were shipping out with 4gb or 8 gb of memory… I don’t remember.

      Anyways…it comes down to preference.

      Galaxy s = great GPU, and mosterous abilities after root
      Desire Z = great build quality, QWERTY keybo, vanilla android… oh wait no it isn’t the tmobile is.. umm you can put cyanogen on it though… it DOES come with HTC SENSE UI and it’s … well again personal opinion but i like it

      Desire Z = also has some interesting features utilizing the proximity sensor and etc.

      Hope that helps.

    • M1LK

      @Adam – Urgent

      I forgot one major con to the HTC Desire Z

      there’s some bug or issue regarding the Slide out keybo hinge mechanism

      and the weight… well it’s heavy… very very heavy


      original desire doesn’t have a lot of the features.

      If you were only comparing Galaxy S and original Desire.

      go with galaxy S.

      but imo… HTC is the better company. they’ll take care of you.

      I’ve been screwed over by samsung too many times to get teased by an Galaxy S phone even if it does perform well after the root and if it does have an amazing display and a ridiculously beautiful GPU

  • roccos_van

    Good Job TELUS! Get the Desire HD and Milestone 2 and you’ll have the best line up in Canada with the Desire, Desire HD, Galaxy S and Milestone 2!

  • Sid

    Good lord, I know Samsung wants to get this on as many carriers as possible, but seriously, the rest of the world gets one Galaxy S version, and North America gets two different Vibrant’s, two different Fascinate’s an Epic and a Captivate?

  • Rich


  • Regulator

    Its Smellus’ fault!

  • Dread

    About time!!

    However, only Bell with a physical QWERTY High End Android phone!

    The touch screen Android battle is FIERCE HOWEVER!!!

  • Nico

    And everyone said that Rogers is late with the Captivate. Hope Telus can launch it quickly…

  • PeZzy

    No front facing camera…UGH!

    Bell still has the best Galaxy S phone in Canada.

    • Dark4eons

      They’re all the same!!! (except for the options you’ll never use, the front facing camera being one of them)

    • daveloft

      Bell does have the best Galaxy S. I can’t fathom how anyone could have a brain and still down rank your comment.

      Besides the modem it’s virtually identical to the European version which means way more custom ROMs. Plus not to mention the likelyhood of getting an official Froyo release.

      Good luck finding much for the one off Rogers Captivate or the Telus Fascinate.

  • m1lk

    sigh… Telus is attempting to get a piece of the Galaxy S pie that Bell has dominated, and that rogers is entering…

    It’d be more wise to get the HTC desire HD and market it here. pump out a 3 year contract with 300$ off the no contract price, and sign to a min 50$ plan.

    They’d make a killing with that… they still get about 1800$ and just lost a potential 300$ to secure 1500$

    And if they sell a couple hundred thousand, that’d translate to a LOT of money… sigh…

    but they go with this…

    I guess we should see if Telus crashes and burns with the Galaxy S or not… sigh…

  • ToniCipriani

    Are we sure this isn’t just the T-Mobile Vibrant with a 850/1900 radio?

  • sookster54

    Nice move Telus, didn’t think it was going to happen after the Apollo release. Now let’s just hope it isn’t CDMA, I don’t see how Samsung would make the same device model with a different radio.


    please remove the images around the news story about the phone launch – this is an internal TELUS partners website and should not be posted on your website.

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  • Stephen

    My god this is stupid. Bell is smart and launches the unbranded 16 GB international model with just one minor hardware change to the correct radio frequencies. Rogers decides to pick up the AT&T model unbranded which already has the correct frequencies, a logical decision although they’ve botched the launch to be 3 months late.

    Now Telus in their infinite wisdom decides to take Verizon’s CDMA model, brand it with a Telus logo, and have Samsung modify the hardware to add a SIM card slot. That probably delayed it a lot. I have no idea why they’d take a CDMA model and make it GSM when there are GSM alternatives available. Get T-Mobile’s if you want to look different.

  • roccos_van

    There is no way this phone will be cdma! Does not make sense at all, why would telus release a cdma phone with the brand new hspa network kicking a*s and taking names as they say…

    • sookster54

      The Blackberry 9670 “clamshell” is CDMA, and Telus is bringing that in. The Fascinate that’s out right now is CDMA from Verizon.

    • roccos_van

      The 9670 is a low end pos device. The telus cdma network is not 3g anyways!

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  • ffr


  • Dan J

    Does anyone know if telus still has upgrade options only 1 year into a 3 year contract?

    I managed to get my HTC Hero for $299 after buying the P.O.S. HTC Touch Diamond and it was only 14 months into my 36 month contract. I had to ‘resign’ for 3 more years, but i didn’t mind.

    • sookster54

      Yes, you can get upgrade discounts after 1 year of 3 years, $300 off iphone, $200 off select phones or $100 off select phones. Many Telus reps will tell you no on 1 year into 3 years but if you have a telusmobility website account, keep an eye on “upgrade offers” section.

  • Greg

    I have had my Milestone for less than a year and am quite happy with it. If you try to keep up with all the new phones OS etc. You will never be happy as the next best phone is allways just around the corner. Just remember the best device is obsolete in another month or so. Just mt opinion.

  • Gavin

    I think this is great… Telus has WAY too many low end Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S is really the only Android device we have in Canada that can really be a decent option from a hardware and components prespectve to the i-phone. What took Telus so freakin’ long?

    • Thomas


      What about the Desire? The Milestone? When these phones were launched by Telus, they were arguably the best android phones in Canada. And Telus continues to set the pace for Android in Canada with their launch of the Fascinate.

      If you’re expecting the same launch schedule as Europe and the US, you’re looking at it wrong. We are a market of 30 million people as opposed to 300 million in the US. Where is industry going to direct itself? The answer is obvious.

  • OMG Ponies!

    Who cares about a FFC? I’ll take a camera flash over FFC any day.

  • Brasen

    The Telus Fascinate is looking a lot like the T-mobile Vibrant. Considering how bell did a switheroo on us (calling the i9000 the Vibrant) I wouldn’t be surprised if the Telus galaxy s ends up being the “flash-less” Vibrant offered at T-mobile.

  • romes

    Nice, just when I picked up the friggin Desire!!!… anybody who thinks this is on par with the Desire is dillusional, the chip is faster, screen is better, battery life longer and 16GB on board memory as opposed to my Desire’s pitiful 512MB!!!!!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    bravo Telus. Whats new with Wind? Oh the fisher price phone yay wind!