IDC: Apple becomes 4th largest mobile phone vendor

Research firm IDC has released their Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report (for Q3) and reveals the top 5 mobile phone manufacturers when it comes to shipping numbers. The total number of units shipped was 340.5 million (compared to 297.1 million last year) and the worldwide mobile phone market in Q3 increased by 14.6%. Nokia still is on top as they shipped 110.4 million devices and have 32.4% market share. Samsung came in 2nd spot with 71.4 million devices and 21% market share. Their number will dramatically increase in Q4 with their Galaxy S lineup. LG shipped 28,4 million devices but dropped a massive 10.1% from last year and claims 8.3% market share.

Then there’s Apple and RIM. Last week Apple CEO Steve Jobs boldly stated “We’ve now passed RIM. And I don’t see them catching up with us in the foreseeable future”. And RIM fired back with “customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple”. Well, the numbers don’t lie and in Q3 Apple shipped 14.1 million devices and RIM 12.4 million. Apple actually increased 90.5% compared to Q3 last year and now have 4.1% market share. As for RIM, they are holding tight at the number 5 spot with a respectable increase of 45.9% over last year and have 3.6% market share.

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Via: Apple Insider

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