Public Mobile reduces phones by 50%, offers 1-month free service

There are 3 new entrants in Canada: Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile. ALL of them continue to offer unbelievable promotions (all good for customers). The new entrants came in offering low prices (plans and handsets) and have continued this trend for several months… we’re just waiting to see what the deals will be in the busy Q4 holiday period.

They are all currently responding to each other… Wind offers 50% off rate plans plus discounts handsets, Mobilicity comes in at $0 contract phones and Public is hooking potential customers up with discounted phones and a free-month. Not only has Public Mobile discontinued/retired their first device ZTE C78, they have reduced a few of their phones by 50% off. You can now get the Kyocera Tomo for $55, Samsung R312 for $62.50, Kyocera G2GO for $70 and the ZTE C70 stays at $50.

As for what else is coming up for Public Mobile… expect data a data device with an unlimited plan real soon.

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