Virgin Mobile Q4 Holiday Season Handset Roadmap leaked


  • jpbaril

    Where is my future high-end Android smartphone ?
    OK, at least I now know I’ll be leaving Virgin Mobile this November.

  • James K

    wtf – they were on such a roll. Hope there will be more

  • JFrosty

    Well, good to know I won’t be signing with them due to the lack of Vibrant.

  • RoguePixel

    Disappointed by their selection of Android phones. I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. I guess I’ll have to go with Bell.

  • chase_dagger

    I was waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S, so I’m done. This stupid.

  • Anon

    It really doesn’t matter what their phones are. The horrible customer Service that VM errr Bell Canada uses out of India was enough to make me switch.

    • AwesomeP

      i’m with VM (from before it was owned by bell) And even still when i call their tech/billing support i get a fluent English speaking not from india person on the other end of the line. thats what i like.

      i’m just pissed that there is no Desire Z

    • Just Me

      I can guarantee you, anyone who speaks with an Indian accent working for Virgin Mobile is from one of the centers in Canada.

      I guess by Indian you could be referring to the call center in Manilla, Phillipines, but.. well if you can’t tell the difference, I’m not going to bother telling you what it is.

  • TootFairy

    Who cares! Virgin Sucks!

  • Just Me

    Wow. So much for waiting for the Vibrant from them.. Guess I’ll grab it from Bell and use it on Virgin.. since you can do so without unlocking it and all, and the data networks are identical, so you shouldn’t have to change any settings for it to work..

  • bogdan

    someone plz answer this question… will the Nokia N8 come to canada??

  • KO

    The white iPhone ! Too bad I got my black one already. Well, at least I don’t have to line up or miss it and have to wait till god-knows-when maybe Feb2011, now I am sure I have one alread y to spend my Xmas with 😉

  • LastEmperor7

    Please tell me the phone in the bottom right hand corner is the “LG FUCK” lol

  • hansL

    I have a feeling that no galaxy S is really going to hurt virgin’s bottom line, I too will now be switching to bell.

  • knowitall

    LOL Its the LG Flick

    And to correct AwesomeP = Virgin was always owned by Bell, well 50% anyway. It was, and remains, a partnership.