Virgin Mobile to release the BlackBerry Bold 9780 October 21st, $149 on the SuperTab/contract


  • Caleb

    As if it’s actually called the “Refresh”… No hiding at all what it is.

  • chall2k5

    i want the AWS one 🙂

  • Rogerswind

    currently iphone 3g owner eligible for the iphone 4 upgrade but i wanna giv blackberry a try might go for the 9780 for a yr and if i don’t like go back to iphone

  • Rogerswind

    a little heads up the torch 9800 jus got an update which fixes just about every problem it had.

  • Regulator

    Rumor has it (from a reliable source) that the Bold refresh and Curve 3G are also going to land in Wind’s lineup!

    • chrismar

      do you have the release date for the 9780 on wind? i’m planning to order it from t-mobile but i’m sure i can save alot of money if i just buy it here in ottawa.