Video: LG Shine Plus Quick Overview


  • Simon

    LG is looking at doing big things this year and next. Samsung, don’t sleep.

  • Andy C

    unless LG update’s the Eve to a minimum of 1.6 and the Optimus interface ( I see the new Shine probably has it) i’ll never buy another LG phone again

  • Grant

    So what kind of a processor is in this?

  • rzz

    Assuming it’s the same chip as its US sibling phone the Ally, it’s a Qualcomm 600MHz chip. I haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere yet, though if true it’s kind of a disappointment. It looks like an ok phone, but seeing the way it sort of chugs through the home screens with a live wallpaper up in the video doesn’t make me want to run out and get on. It’s essentially a silver Milestone about a 6 months late to the party.

  • sookster54

    Look at the LG Ally if you want some info on specs and such, however this has an updated camera (5MP vs Ally’s 3.5MP) and some other minor updates. I’m going to look at this phone this weekend.

  • Taylor

    The lack of 32GB card support is a little disappointing.

  • Mathieu

    LG Android phones are not the best but they are cheap (also true for HDTV).
    I don’t mind for my HDTV, I do mind for my phone.

    It looks like a lot of manufacturers and carriers didn’t thought about Android upgrade at first… how many Android phones are still running Android 1.5/1.6 in Canada? Seriously?

    I count 11 phones w/o the unreleased Telus Motorola i1 and Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro.
    (I count 25 Android devices released in Canada)

  • cheenachatze

    If this is really 480×800 resolution in a 3.2″ display, it’s very impressive, and it’s almost as high resolution as the iPhone 4.
    Is it Capacitive screen? The LG Ally has resistive screen, from what I read.

  • Darth

    People, don’t lose sight of the fact this phone is only $299.99 MTM pricing which is an awesome deal for the specs. This phone does have a ~600 MHz processor but look at the new BB Torch which has a 612 MHz processor. On the team webstore, this phone is only $250! At such a cheap price, the specs are amazing imo. I’m looking forward to the in-depth review from Mobilesyrup since there isn’t much information about this phone. It is very similar to the LG Ally, but if you look at the back of the LG Shine +, the speaker grill is actually on the top of the device while the Ally is on the bottom. So there have been some minor internal and external changes but the over dimensions and concept of the phones are similar.

  • TayTay

    Darth: Don’t hold your breath on that in-depth review.

  • Stephanie

    The LG Shine Plus and the LG Ally look the same.LG Shine Plus is a cousin to the LG Ally.Because I typed in LG Ally on you tube and I couldn’t believe how much these phones look the same.So if you want info on the Shine Plus look under LG Alley on youtube.

  • Nes

    Pretty nice!

  • LG owner

    I just got this phone and I absolutely adore it. The slide out keyboard is amazing, the keys are super easy to type on and feel pretty durable. There is also a touch keyboard if you want, perfect for in-class texting!! Nice layout and design for the most part, and the touch screen is quite responsive. Only things that I would improve about it:

    – When I get a new text, I unlock the phone, then have to go to my messaging centre where I then have to figure out who it was that texted me. This isn’t such a hardship as there is a widget you can add that shows you your most current text, who it’s from, and you can just tap on it to reply. However, it would be nice if you could just turn on your phone and be taken straight to your new message. That’s just my opinion.

    -Other than that, the only other thing I’m not too fond of is that the vibrate mode isn’t very strong. I often don’t feel it vibrate if I have a semi-thick pocket. Most of my friend’s phones have way stronger vibrate modes.

    • Ashley

      For the text messaging, I’ve downloaded Go SMS Pro (I believe that’s what it’s called). It has quick reply, where the message pops right up on your screen and you can answer the text from there. And it also is very customisable; different ringtones for each contact, different layouts/themes. And I’ve never had a problem with the forced close while using an outside message system.

  • harmony

    The LG Shine Plus is a great device it has a much nicer keyboard and finish than the milestone. The Comparison to the LG Ally is somewhat true, however it has a completely differnet stainless finish, upgraded camera to 5MP, runs on HSPA unlike Ally which is a CDMA device and this device does expand up to 32GB! I think it’s an overall great device if you want a nice looking durable device that offers touch and a full keyboard at a very affordable price! $49 no data requirement!

  • Michelle

    I am not technologically savy, but I love this phone.

  • Marie

    I liked this phone at first. And then I started to have some problems with it. The the messaging inbox will suddenly delete without no notice, and I get messages that I cannot delete, and they will not open. The touch screen is very tricky and wont cooperate at times. I thought that I would really enjoy this phone, and I didn’t listen to my providers when they told me that this phone wasn’t popular and that it had a lot of problems. They keypad is nice and is really easy to work, but it doesn’t make up for all of the problems that this phone has. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.