Rogers offers current wireless customers a “special gift”


  • davidm

    A “special gift” would be no more trendy contests, just lower prices, more choice, and a focus on pure Internet services.

  • Kristen

    Just tried to enter, but apparently not all current Rogers customers can enter. You have to get their invite. So my Rogers number isn’t eligible. Lame!

    • Tanner

      same it did that to me to f**k you rogers! send everyone a invite!!!

  • Chris


    “The wireless number you entered is not eligible for this offer. Please check the number and try again. Only Rogers Wireless customers who have received a personalized invitation are eligible to participate”

  • Adam

    This is actually for any Rogers service Wireless, Cable, Home Phone, or Internet.

    As for what I received, it was a choice between MP3’s, free ringtone, free movie rental, 3 or 6 month magazine subscription or the option to donate your prize to United Way / Centraide. I decided to Donate.

    • schultzter

      Yeah, that’s what always got. Wasn’t enough to keep me though 🙂

    • bj

      Actually it is not for all Rogers customers…. apparently the approximately $200/month I spend with them including around $80 for my cell does not get me into the “valued” customer realm.

  • Dan

    My number isnt eligible so apparently I’m not a loyal customer?? So what about the last 10 years??

  • Emma

    I’m not eligible for this.

    That said, I’ve worked on this project in the past and it’s usually for a select group of customers, not all. You should probably update the post to reflect this.

  • Justin

    only those who get the invite sent to their phone can enter, i got mine a few weeks ago, won a magazine subscription, just donated my prize

  • Graeme

    Oh brutal, I got rejected! I guess I’m not loyal either.

  • Sebastian

    It’s only open to specific customers. I have 3 lines and I’m still not eligible for this promo.

  • Randy – 1

    I got an invite. I have cable and internet with Rogers, but not wireless or home phone.

    I won the choice of a number of things. I chose the free custom GelaSkin for my phone. It’s normally US $14.95 and it was totally free, they even comp’d the shipping. That’s a pretty decent gift.

    • Craig

      I won the same thing. I’m looking forward to the new skin 🙂

  • markthis

    Funny. We got this in the mail, I tried it online and it says it’s not available for our wireless number. WTF.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Also not eligible. Boo hoo. And I was so looking forward to 3 free months of Macleans! 😛

  • wolfshades

    Yup. Got told that my wireless number wasn’t eligible for the gift. It said that only customers with a personal invitation can apply.

    So…. Bell and Telus – what will YOU do to get my business, huh?

  • Richard

    Been with Rogers for over 10 years in NB and it tells me I’m not eligible!
    Maybe it’s all my negativity since Bellus’ network went live 🙂

  • Goeeh Tigred

    too late for Rogers

  • Regulator

    This is cheap parlor trick because Rogers is starting to sweat as more and more of their subs are leaving for Wind!

  • mmmGadgets

    I get these texts messages just about every 3 months and I love them. Free movie and video game rentals, not to mention the free GelaSkins.

    I swear the BB, SE, TV gifts are a hoaxed.

  • Stuart

    I’ve only been with Rogers for a few months and although I didn’t receive anything in the mail I went to the website and won a free prize! F*ck ya!

  • Anthony

    It’s only available to customers who specifically received the letter, I just tried my # and it said I wasn’t eligible. Typical Rogers, not all customers are equal.

  • Nate

    I got the magazine subscription last year. Turned out to be super annoying, and then they send you tons of junk mail trying to get you to renew the subscription. I’m with Wind now, who instead of offering me “chances” at winning something cool, just gives me way more bang for my buck, and no contract. I am much, much happier.

  • Lance

    If it says your number is not eligible check internet instead of mobile and it will accept it.

  • john frink

    I got the message:

    The wireless number you entered is not eligible for this offer. Please check the number and try again. Only Rogers Wireless customers who have received a personalized invitation are eligible to participate

    I guess they don’t value my being a customer.

  • Doug

    sorry … only customers that recieved the invite are elligable … hmmm

  • Canadaboy

    17 YEARS. not eligible. Either line. And it didn’t pick up my wireless internet. 3 services. likely 38 years combined service. No loyalty bonus.

    Thank you Rogers.

  • Dan

    Thanks. I won a free movie or game rental from Rogers Video.

    I’ve had this contest before and won the same thing, it’s a nice little perk, but…. I won $200 worth of tickets to a concert via Virgin Mobile after being a customer of theirs for only a few months. I’ve been with rogers for 6 years :/

  • Larry

    They sent me an invite,I deleted it.Lame prize’s boring.Rogers is running scared.Next year Rogers will be a bad dream.Shaw I am waiting for you.

  • TomatoGuy

    Rogers is screwing it’s customers once again. Nice.

  • Brad

    Same thing here, my number is no good

  • marc

    Make sure to enter the information that is on your bill, NOT just your mobile number. I used my home number and was accepted.

  • Jeremy R

    I got my gift….. 5 free music downloads…… yay!!!!

  • Kman

    Only 1 of my 3 accounts was accepted. Took the free movie rental. Not impressive for only spending $250+ per month with them forever. Gotta love rogers.

    I bought a Galaxy from Bell and unlocked it onto rogers.. as my accounts expire I’m going to stay away from the lock-in phone subsidies and switch when it makes sense. My loyalty is officially dead to them.

  • Asno

    just tried what someone said about the internet and yup I got my prize. Weird it works with internet but not my mobile seeing as I have two lines well over $200 a month and been with them for over 10 years

  • Peter

    apparently my Rogers line isn’t from Rogers? LOL bye bye Rogers for your scams.

  • Willy


    i got this a couple times, and magazines every time…

  • Bill Coughlin

    I’m guessing that this sweet message comes from Rogers every month 🙂


    All CAPS …. let try swearing
    NO Sender .. who is this from.. could be anyone
    No reply enabled …. 8000000 number
    Not like it is late or anything…. this is just a pre-warning …… slap across the head I guess.

  • mario83

    i got the same choices as everyone else here, i chose the gelaskins (i dont know what i;ll put it on, my cell phone already has a skin i got from an rogers holiday giveaway last year) i was going to take the mp3s, but ive had other get “5 free mp3” offers before (from chooseyourmusic,ca) and since they use WMV its a pain to get them into itunes, it wont convert them (itunes) i had to burn a cd just to get 5 freaking song unto my ipod!

  • Bold

    Got a Magazine or a case…pretty cheap. I only have a mobile with rogers.

  • Donny

    My number isnt eligible so apparently I’m not a loyal customer?? Rogers shouldn’t be picking & choosing users with this stuff, especially when tier no longer applies.

  • Eric V.

    Yeah my number didn’t work either.

    Not high enough revenue is my guess.

    They’re jerks. I’m very dissatisfied and will never sign with them ever again.

    The company has gone down the toilet since Ted Rogers died.

  • Dave

    Tried when this thread started (before I had a mailer) – said not eligible. Got the mailer today so tried again. Now I submit the info and the website just gets stalled at “Please wait …” Garrrrrr Shame on me for thinking it would just work.

  • J.P.Paulin

    i receive a message on my cell phone,,,that i was selected for a free gift,,,so i went to the site…found out what is the joke about

  • patricia hill

    my son came to my house 2 day’s after i resign with rogers and said he just went with telus and got 2 new touch screen phones for a 3 year contract. If i new about this i wouldn”t of signed back up as when I was talking with the man that called. I told him that my phone shuts off on its own and i have to reboot it he said it was my phone but never offered a new phone for free like the other places do.

  • Irene

    I got a free gelaskin 4 my wireless phone; looking 4ward 2 getting it.

  • amreen chouwdri

    hi,i would like to win a special gift.for me .


    5150 ave walkley#1 h4v 2m5 qc montreal

  • sharon thompson

    where is my free gift nothing said about what it is just dumb questions to answer. not empressed


    one of the bad thing about rogers they do not want to be competative but they want to hook customers in general cheating is tendency in canadian business units haveing no rule or rules to explot the citizen,

    with more imigation from world over , poeples compare with that of there own country wher honesty ,prevales,

    no body trust,you if you dont have ethaics in business.

  • Peter

    When my contract with Rogers expires, I will NOT RENEW.

  • cite courrier

    Find something new already. I would like to know who recieved the good gifts if they exist at all. Best gift you could give us is better customer service and more competive rates without contracts.

  • prabir kumar guin

    rogers is the best in canada