The iPhone 4 and its “chemically strengthened” glass can scratch


  • Mike

    Pfft I will just not be retarded with my phone! =p

  • Adam

    Geeze, they invented cases for these phones for a reason.

    700+ dollar phone + 30 dollar case = Win

  • jesus

    well that sucks a bit cuz the phone is sick as is when u start putting covers and stuff it sort of kills the iphone lol but its all good atleast its worth it

  • Filip Mares

    I agree. It’s a F*ing phone. Enjoy it for all its beauty and use the phone. Cases for the iPhone are like going through life wearing a helmet. If you’re careful you bust your head and you’ll have nice hair.

  • Spanky

    Tell me another phone that cannot be scratched? They never said it was scratch proof…

  • Dino340

    Or you know, you could actually buy a good phone that you can do stuff on, not follow the sheep of apple….

    Android FTW

  • Jeff

    Put an Otterbox on the things you i****s!

  • User

    Bulkiness = FAIL

  • joseph niagara

    Some blogger either has a vendetta towards Apple or way way too much time and money on their hands. Course things scratch and break if you drop them. This is nothing new. You invest in a great cover. I did the same with my 2nd Generation iPod Touch and have dropped it a few times. Guess what? Broke the glass, paid for it to be repaired. End of story. Things break. Even Android phones….

  • Ralph Yu

    I think no matter how chemically strengthened this new glass is…truth is this is still glass and it is bound to scratches. That is why if you don’t want to scratch the iPhone get invisible shield or protective plastic right away so it can protect the phone.

  • Amardeep

    So this is news??????

    The writer of this article could not find anything worthwhile to write??????

    C’mon MobilySyrup you can do better than that.

  • yaright

    invisible shield? They have like a billion products to protect the freaking thing. Buying an iphone with no case is like sleeping with a crack hooker without a dome.

  • Braden N

    $700 phone $30 case means NO RECEPTION! Way to go APPLE! Read the latest news on antenna wrapped around the case! BGR!

  • Falco

    Forget cases. Dirt gets between phone and case, scratches phone. Use a pouch. Otherwise handle with care and use NuFinish car polish to help protect screen.