Video Review: Rogers Acer Liquid E

The Acer Liquid E was recently released by Rogers and it’s their newest Android-powered device. This runs OS 2.1 and I believe this will be included in the few devices that will get an upgrade to the new OS 2.2 when it’s released.

The overall design of the Liquid E is well put together. Sleek, all decked out in a glossy back with curved edges (dimensions are 116×54×12.75mm and weighs in at only 135 grams). The specs are solid too. The 3.5-inch touchscreen display has a resolution of 480×800 but captures a massive amount of fingerprints. Pictures and videos from the 5 megapixel camera show all show up nice – the only issue I found with the camera is the quality of sound from the video. It came out sounding really low and muffled.

Using the QWERTY keyboard on the screen didn’t present any issues over the past few days. The touchscreen is responsive and the Liquid E comes with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that’s unfortunately been reduced to 768MHz to preserve its battery life.

Even with all the other goodness that’s packed into this Acer such as WiFi, full HTML browser, GPS, 3.5mm headset jack, access to the Android Market, all your e-mail, Google Maps, Google Talk, Bluetooth and that it can holds up to 32GB… I found the device somewhat had a cheap feel to it. There’s a good reason why Rogers priced this at $49.99 on a 3-year contract. This is not something I would be proud to carry with me for the next several years. In addition, we’ve already seen this hit the low no-contract price of $375. I’m sure we’ll see this hit the $0.00 mark within a couple months max. Check out the review here:


  • wiley

    Thanks for this review. I know a few of us have been wanting to see a review done.

  • Sid

    Let me guess, Liquid E give away coming up soon, with bonus gift, Salmonella.

  • Jeff

    It really does get hot. That is 100% true.

    Cool device but I think I’m going to wait for Acer to make another phone or two before I buy one but this looks nice enough.

  • Tom

    Sounds like the only serious problem is that it feels cheap.

    I actually don’t mind a plastic, cheap feel. I certainly prefer it to the metallic type ones that feel so slippery that you have to buy a rubbery case to avoid dropping it.

    What concerns me is the implication that the build IS cheap and fragile and won’t last very long.

    So, do you think the build IS cheap, or does it just FEEL cheap?

  • Jamie Peabody

    Would have looked sharper if the body was made out of brushed aluminum, similar to the HTC Legend.

    Its a nice fit for me considering rogers doesn’t have to many android devices with 2.1.

  • Mirjam

    Why is there a canned peach on the table with the phone?

  • Mirjam

    Oh I didn’t watch the video, it’s an egg…how nice

  • Mike

    Screen is amazing even in direct sunlight (the screen looks better than the iPhone 3G)

    Fast, snappy interface (completely outclasses my Magic).

    Android 2.1 (Turn-by-turn navigation, live wallpapers, and all the other goodness that comes with 2.x)

    CHEAP! This thing is $50 on a new contract or $375/$425 outright. Nothing at this price point compares at the moment.

    Screen is not as sensitive as I would like

    Physical design (screen bezel too big, power button placement, no trackball, squeaky power button, no SDcard access without pulling battery)

    Acer dropped it’s own customizations on the system, tons of bloatware, no SenseUI

    runs HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Battery life is less-than-stellar but should last the full day.

    • karla

      fantastic round-up / summation mike, why didnt you do the review?
      hit all the high points and lows.

      testing this phone @work [encana], so far so good – and makes a handy mitten warmer when we are faced with -35c temps’ in calgary 🙂

  • Dreamcast

    THANK YOU!!! 🙂 You guys ARE THE BEST!!! 🙂

  • Sean

    um nice touch with the egg… i think.

  • Brian

    Mike – I agree with what you say. I would add to it:

    Double tap text reflow on the browser is quite nice. Not sure if this is standard on 2.1, but it’s a nicer feature than what is on the 3g.

    I’ve had some issues with bluetooth headphones (Jaybird Sportband)

    The phone has completely re-booted on its own when viewing HD youtube and listening to audio on the bluetooth headphones. Might be just the headphones though because there are no issues when doing the same through a ford sync system.

    Another surprise: amazed the standard player did not support a2dp. Downloaded a free player from the marketplace that worked fine though. For me, apple not supporting a2dp functionality is a big annoyance.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m new to Android, but I’m not sure how to close apps. You think you exit out of them by hitting the home button but they show up on the short cut screen (holding the home button down).

    Screen is amazing.

    I bought this phone because i have a year left on my Fido contract and wanted something affordable to finish off my contract. With that in mind, the phone works without any adjustments on the Fido network – plug in your SIM and away you go!

    It’s also nice to have HD youtube over the 3g network too. I think it’s easily one of the best deals out there. Seriously considered the HTC legend but once unlocking is factored in along with the smaller, much lower res screen, the Acer was an easy choice for me, especially for $375.

  • Eric

    Brian, how much would it have cost you to get an unlocked HTC legend, and where would you get one from?

    It seems like the 600mhz of the legend looses out to the underclocked 1ghz of the acer in specs, AND in price.

    I’m worried about the acer build quality and this intense heat everyone is talking about, but I love the price. I also have 1 year left on my fido contract and was thinking of grabbing this for the rest of it. I want to switch to wind mobile afterwards, and was even considering just paying out the $120 to get out of fido and go to wind. The only problem is that wind doesn’t have any android phones right now (but coming soon i’m told), and they don’t have service at UBC right now.

  • Brian

    I would have gotten the phone from the Virgin Kiosk right in the mall and then gone online to get the unlock code (mobileincanada seems to be a popular place)

    The challenge with going the HTC route though is that it was very challenging to find what APN settings to enter. It’s all over the place. Thus it was really refreshing for me to get a phone that I could just plug a SIM into and have it fully work (Although the Roger’s account status app doesn’t seem to work but that’s pretty minor for me). Not sure if anybody has considered it, but there are a couple online retailers in Canada and on ebay that are offering the motorola XT701. Bigger screen, better build quality, but less ram(256mb) and slower processor. I came close to getting that phone until I learned about the Acer. The Motorola is sold unlocked for about $500 CDN shipped.

    The other big consideration for the Acer is that it’s running with 512mb of RAM. The Legend is running less than that (can’t remember how much).

    And finally, I’m not entirely convinced of having a fancy skin on the Android interface. I get the impression that having these fancy skins make a for a nice user experience, but I think the huge drawback to this is that it makes OS updates more difficult, if not impossible. I look forward to running 2.2 on this phone. If the efficiencies that everyone talks about are true, it would certainly lend evenmore value to the Acer.

  • Rog

    @Eric: The HTC Legend is $350 without contract from Virgin Canada. You should be able to get an unlock code from eBay for less than $10 (the HTC phones just enter a code when you change SIMs).

    The Legend has an AMOLED screen which is IMHO much nicer, but it runs at a lower resolution which is good if you like fast but not as crisp. AMOLED also consumes less battery power.

    Choosing between these phones is really a matter of preference.

  • Rog

    Oh I should also mention the HTC Legend is the polar opposite on construction. It’s probably the most solid feeling smartphone out there with that single-cut body.

    The resolution difference is the main thing that makes me consider the Liquid E but I worry, since even the 1ghz phones bog on hires sometimes.

  • Marcus S

    Screen seems really nice!

  • xaueious

    I just got this phone rooted.

    This thing is godly

  • Jim R

    @Brian – did you have any trouble getting the Liquid for $375 rather than the no-term price of $425?

  • brian

    No not at all. As a matter of fact, I called there and that was the price they gave me over the phone. When I got there, I got them to re-verify the price. I bought on the spot and inserted my fido sim on the spot. As long as the build holds up, I’m satisfied with this phone.

  • Eric

    I told someone about the rogers Acer liquid e working with fido out of the box and he told me it was impossible, and that it would need to be unlocked.

    So you just popped in your fido sim card no problem?

  • Eric

    And for those of you that own this phone, is the build quality THAT bad? Could you see it lasting for 2 years?

  • Dreamcast

    Would you guys get this or the Xperia X10?

  • Brian

    Honestly i popped My fido sim card in right FS and it worked right away. The fs sales person was 90% sure that the phone would have to be unlocked and was absolutely blown away that it worked right out ofthe box. Once the phone booted, she called my cell right away and the call came through.

    The only reason why i went on a whim to even try, is that i had read in post that they had experienced the same thing with the acer liquid e. Another person said that the first couple “batches” of roger’s xperia x10’s were unlocked& now all the current x10’s are locked to roger’s.

    I seriously considered the x10. I think the screen size & proc spec is sweet. What killed it for me though was no multi-touch. And an upgrade to 2.1 later this year? I was hoping to have froyo and thus wanted a phone that started with 2.1.

    Ultimately price was deciding factor for me. I certainly wouldnt throw this phone into pocket with keys or change. Its almost been a week and other than finger prints galore , the phone has held up flawlessy.

    Also be very careful where you choose the phone from. Here are a lot o “authorized agents” that charge more than rogers reg price. Ive seen this phone retail for as much as 525. Mind you , for whatever reason rogers store in west edmonton mall also charges considerably more for phones there – dunno why.

  • Mike

    Any links/instructions? I’d like to root mine if I can…

    Haven’t had a single instance of slowdown, load times, or problems task switching. I was completely blown away coming from the G1 and Magic. This phone feels very snappy.

    I also haven’t experienced any system crashes like Brian mentioned. I use bluetooth daily, but hardly use YouTube.

  • Steve H

    Did. He. Just. Do. That. lol

  • Gun

    I love how he totally bashes this phone, the best deal on an android phone in Canada, yet talks the lg eve up and its a resistive screen piece of junk.

    Great,powerful hardware, android 2.1, and its cheap…whats the problem?

  • John

    I have one, it’s great, It doesn’t get hot. Even in the rubber protector. Its fast and i like that it has few social apps on it. i had them throw in with it. I found a belt case for it at a London drugs. I am rough on my devices and i still figure it will last me till i get my option to renew in a few years.
    My only complaint. when talking to someone the “hold” button is in the top left, when my ear hits the phone i have put people on hold.

  • Francis

    Odd. Mine doesn’t get hot enough to cook an egg with. The only time I notice any warmth is during the initial stages of charging or if I have every “radio” on for GPS turn by turn.

    Battery life is ok. Considering I listen to podcasts all day and do some navigation and web browsing during work I through the day. I do manage my wireless radios using the build in widget though. I get pretty much the same batt life as my old HTC magic and iPod Touch.

    I wouldn’t say it’s cheap in terms of it’s build quality, but it’s not in the same category as the Legend or iPhone. That’s for sure. Since it’s all plastic, if you squeeze it hard it will creek a little.

    Either way, I’m really enjoying the phone, especially after installing the voice to txt/voice search package. That alone is worth the upgrade.

  • joseph niagara

    ..cook an egg on it! hahaha Acer should stick to making computers and monitors.

  • Don Harrison

    Can I “easily” transfer my files especially a huge number of memos, all nicely filed in categories from my Palm centro into the Acer Liquid E mobile. I used my phone and memos, phone numbers and address as well as the calendar a lot and have no need of email or internet. Hope you can give me some good advice? I noticed that in several articles it mentions the fact that the unit gets very hot. Is that directly related to the length of use and so with no use of data that would not be a problem? My centro does get a bit warm but certainly wouldn’t fry an egg!! What it the difference in the strength of the batteries between the two units. Thanks a lot for your advice. Don

  • jason

    is there anyway to fix the slow streaming ,and im i one of the few having this problem ? love the phone best one i’v had yet 3 of my friends are ordering one after seeing mine lol ,, thanks alot if u can help me out .

  • Liz

    Does anyone know if the acer liquid e works with ford sync’s feature of reading your text messages to you.

  • Chris

    Just digging the acer review out from the archives…

    after 17 months with it, I need to find a deal on an early upgrade. I need to do a factory reset every now and again because something is causing it to shut down repeatedly.

    Battery life started out horrendous and has gotten progressively worse. 🙁