HTC Legend arrives at Bell… no-contract price is $50 more than Virgin


  • Sumi

    Yeaa i got it yesterday before it was relaesed and she matched the Virgin price, but the sales person messed up my Plan so I might have to go back to Telus and wait for the Desire instead.
    If the Bell agent doesn’t fix my problem.

  • Mike

    Wow…that things runs pretty slow. Need something with a bigger processor.

  • Jim

    I think this might not be right. I saw it at the same price as well…. maybe a typo on Bell’s website?

  • Alex T.

    Angelina Jolie 😛

  • Adam

    Is this on 3G or is it stuck on the Edge network?

  • Eric

    wait, it’s the exact same price:
    Bell: 399$ / no contract
    Virgin: 349 + 50$ 30 day contract = 399$

  • mkm

    Good old Bell 😉 Releasing year old phones at outrageous prices.

  • Michael

    The HTC Legend is not a year old, it only had it’s worldwide lauch in March 2010 and if I wasn’t already stuck in a 3-year contract I would have probably bought on outright from Virgin

  • mike e.

    Problem with this phone is that it’s outdated. That’s the problem with android in Canada in general.

  • robellus

    I played with it at work yesterday (bell) and I am going to the training event on Thursday, its a great phone. Id say the best phone we have in our line up as of now however the 600ghz processor is kind of weak and the web browser lags more than the Iphone 3gs.

  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    its nice and all but yea No legend for me thanks……

    Bell needs to Step up there Garbage android line up and Releace a power house device like tha HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S or Dell Streek !

  • Charles

    For who ask why Virgin have launched the HTC LEGEND before BELL is simply because Virgin have a F1 car and there have CANADIAN GRAND PRIX in Montreal

  • Elliot C.

    Anyone know if the device is crippled (blocked features) on either carrier versions?

  • S.B

    It should a bit of a bigger screen.