Virgin HTC Legend “flying off the shelves”… now sold out


  • Tom

    Yah, that was probably planned all along. Bell probably only allocated a small number to Virgin to ensure this would happen. Virgin will get more after the Bell launch.

    I think Apple showed everyone how important all these marketing details are – they taught everyone to play these silly games. The ironic part is that they no longer have to play them: Apple truly can’t keep up with demand now, and half their marketing is now done for them by the media and their fans.

  • Sheldon

    It’s a great phone at a great price.

  • Don

    Good, I was about to make one of those impulse purchases. Rather wait for the Desire or something better.

  • T

    couldn’t wait.. purchased a Desire from the UK $500 incl shipping.. arrives in a few days

  • j

    i just went to there website and got all the way to credit card info. so i’am assuming they would have sold me a phone if i continued.

  • Nico

    The Legend is a superb mid range Android. Too bad its only got a 600Mhz processor. Imagine the Legends sexy aluminum unibody with Snapdragon and a 3.7-4″ screen. That would be an awesome phone.

  • wiley

    I got an HTC Legend last week, and it’s awesome. I bought it at “The Source” and then walked over to the Virgin Booth and they set me up. I bought it for $350 and going month to month with Smartphone Plan That way when prices drop I can move it around to different carriers. Get it unlocked and the world is mine!