What is coming to TELUS on September 15th?


  • stjohnsnl

    hspa soft launch?

  • theninjasquad

    The film festival starts on the 10th so it wouldn't make much sense to have be something about TIFF announced 5 days into the festival.

    Is there any special significance to be drawn from an award for bunnies?

  • burridge007

    I heard its S2, but who knows! We will have to see. It cant be HSPA soft lauch cause that is sept 2 , and satelite tv has been dropped. So ya that only leaves us with S2…

  • Vince

    Burridge007 – What is S2?

  • Rich

    Well at the beginning, it suggests the award is -just- for the best day of the week. (Tuesday – Sept 15th)


  • Adam

    Maybe they’re teaming up with Bell.

  • Mitchell

    Well.. Tuesday beats Monday. 😀

  • Ascariss

    lol "it's not what you think' meaning not hdpa launch 😛

  • theninjasquad

    What’s S2?

    • kofi

      S2 is the new Telus building they're construction on York Street in Toronto. York and Front I think?

  • kmusky

    Ah, rampant speculation. Who doesn’t love rampant speculation?

  • TNSF

    S2 = Storm 2

    I don’t think this is hardware or HSPA related. It is plan/promotion related. Something about Tuesdays and potentially a link in with movies.

    Telus Tuesday movie nights? Free Tuesday calling?

    • Ascariss

      Ah yes this could make sense I know of such a deal in Europe from Orange, where they send a text on wednesday to each customer which permits 2 tickets for the price of 1.

  • Jayme

    Could it be a true unlimited data plan for say $30.

  • theninjasquad

    If its plan or promotion related, I can’t imagine what would be so good that they have to hype it like that. Unless they are dropping all three year contracts and only doing two year ones in an attempt to set themselves apart.

  • darren

    I say iphone launch

  • The Dave

    Hope it's the HTC Hero

  • rg

    It's got to be related to the movie sector – otherwise they'd do it on TV (especially as they're pushing IPTV and "Belus Satellite TV". It's not the iPhone because that's just an "us too" issue (they're not going to make a big deal about "catching up to Rogers").

    I expect it's either free movie tickets (if they're partnering with a movie production company to get deals on PPV), or more likely a special on PPV, perhaps on Tuesdays…

  • theninjasquad

    Perhaps Telus is teaming up with Cineplex and their Scene movie points program for something.

  • Mario Zelaya

    They’re launching the iPhone.

  • telusinsider

    it has nothing to do with TELUS wireless products or services