Exclusive Interview with Tejas Rao, Director of Technology

Tejas Rao is the Director of Technology at Nokia Canada and is incredibly passionate about the first and latest N-Series release in Canada – the N95 8GB. He gave a couple tips on how you can port the N95 to be viewed on your TV (for pics, videos and even to watch the games you play) and another tip on how it can be your media server in the house as it’s the only DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Certified devise.

In our interview, Tejas Roa describes the Nokia N95 as their “flagship innovation devise for those tech savy users who want a single purpose device for more than texting and talking”. If you are unaware of what the N95 can do, here is a slight sample: mobile phone, digital camera, music player, video recorder player, personal navigation devise, mobile games and internet access.

“It is pretty much everything you have ever wanted” – Tejas Rao.
Here is the interview: