Clearing up confusion about wireless charging on the BlackBerry Priv [Updated]

Daniel Bader

November 9, 2015 3:20pm

Update: Earlier this evening, we received word from a BlackBerry PR representative correcting an earlier statement issued to us about the Canadian STV100-1 model:

“All PRIV devices purchased from ShopBlackBerry support wireless charging, regardless of whether they’re purchased from Canada or the U.S. (the STV100-1 variant). The site will be updated shortly with this information.”

Our original source was a representative from BlackBerry’s internal support team, who appears to have been given incorrect information about the unlocked variant sold from ShopBlackBerry.

The good news is that if you order a BlackBerry Priv from ShopBlackBerry in either Canada or the US, you will have Qi and PMA wireless charging. If you purchase it from a Canadian carrier, you will not.

We’re sorry for the confusion.

We just published our review of the BlackBerry Priv (tl;dr, it’s pretty great!), but one thing we omitted was mention of wireless charging. That’s because our review unit, the same model sold by Canadian carriers like Rogers, Bell and Telus, doesn’t include wireless charging.

But you’ve heard that the Priv does in fact support wireless charging. So who’s wrong?

The answer lies in how BlackBerry is selling the Priv in Canada. As with most of its phones, there are two distribution channels, the carriers and its own Ecommerce portal,

The model sold through the carriers is STV100-3, which is the device you saw detailed in my review. The model sold unlocked through ShopBlackBerry is the STV100-1, which is identical save for one thing: the addition of wireless charging.

According to the company’s listing on its US ShopBlackBerry page, model STV100-1, the Priv lists “Dual mode Wireless Charging capable for Powermat (PMA) and Qi” under the Power Adapter category. On the Canadian ShopBlackBerry listing, that same model number omits any mention of wireless charging, though it does mention it is compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, Qualcomm’s Fast Charge solution for smartphones.

So what gives? We reached out to BlackBerry for clarification, and received this response:

Only devices purchased via ShopBlackBerry in the USA will support wireless charging. They are both STV 100-1 models — however, wireless charging support is only specific to devices purchased via the USA ShopBlackBerry site.”

So there you have it. If you want a BlackBerry Priv with wireless charging, befriend an American and get him or her to order it. With the wireless bands being the same, the US-sold STV100-1 will work on any Canadian LTE network.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 14.34.05


  • Jordan Hogan

    I’m happy to see you guys posting something on this, super confusing for everyone!

    • Jordan Hogan

      $699 USD = $928 CAD.

      Hand up if you would pay $30 for wireless charging…

    • Chris DaCosta

      Most definitely

    • Daniel Bader

      Hopefully with the updated information everything now makes sense. So sorry for the confusion!

    • Jordan Hogan

      It does, thanks Daniel.

    • Tek

      Thanks for the speedy update Daniel as I too was confused. I had reached out to BB a week or so back and was told that YES if purchased from ShopBlackberry (Canada/US) that it would support wireless charging and then I saw this article before the update and thought what the H*LL…. now everything makes more sense….still going to wait though for someone who does purchase from ShopBB confirm though…. that’s just me being anal though…cheers!!

    • Jordan Hogan

      Shop Blackberry does offer a 30 day return window, so you can always just send it back if it does not have wireless charging and you expected it to.

  • grantdude

    Canadian company selling an inferior product to Canadians.
    No thanks.

    • Sean Walton

      Well said.

    • Techguru86

      How is it inferior, it’s literally an S6edge+ display with a touch keyboard, bbry features and a much larger battery an expanded memory which Samsung does not even have

    • IqaluitZen

      And the battery is MASSIVE!
      It lasts 20+ hours without charging. Maybe charge it at night while you’re sleeping?
      It has high speed charging too.

    • Sean Walton

      It’s inferior to what they are selling to US customers. We don’t get the wireless charging but they do and BB is a Canadian company. The rest of the device is good so not knocking that.

    • Eric Rabell

      I’ll take fast charging over wireless charging any day. It makes more sense

    • Comrade Yeti

      You get both on the US model. I agree, for a $30 difference, it feels like a miss that BBs best supporters are left out in the cold.

    • Jason Yu

      The Canadian model without wireless charging has more wireless bands of support (bands 13, 25, 26, 41). I heard that these bands are good to have when roaming in Asia.

    • Sean Walton

      I agree but at night when I’m sleeping either will do.

    • josh

      It’s not an S6 edge display, in fact, the screen looks much worse. The glass is curved, but the display is very different.

    • Raj Brar

      It is a curved screen with a flat display. I heard from several sources that you actually don’t mind the flat display because you down have a curved UI.

    • Why don’t you thank our crappy carriers, Robbers and Bell-end for mandating that the locked phones on their network should have no wireless charging. Don’t blame BlackBerry. They did the same thing with the LG G3. Canadian carriers suck.

    • rocmon

      Why wouldn’t the carriers want to wireless charge option?

    • I don’t know? Cost? I asked Rogers about it and couldn’t get a straight answer.

    • Phi Nguyen

      It’s because csa won’t approve phones with qi

      You need both which is what Samsung did
      Also the carriers would have to pull a at&t and design their own case like they did for lg
      BlackBerry ain’t worth spending millions on

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Blame the 75 cent loonie.

    • Geoff Dean

      Glad they confirmed we are getting wireless charging

    • Jordan Hogan

      You will as long as you buy it unlocked direct from Blackberry. Carrier locked models will not have it.

  • caanda45

    OMG that is disgusting, no wireless charging is just plain stupid…Well BB that is a game changer for me. My interest is gone…done zero!

    • Andrew

      Why is wireless charging that big of a deal? Is it so hard to plug in a cable to the bottom of the phone rather than placing it on a pad?

    • caanda45

      Yup, I have it with my S6 and love it. $899.00 and no wireless charging…….no thanks,

    • Marlon Messam

      With that battery… you wouldn’t need much wireless charging.

    • Sean Walton

      Many of us have used wireless charging for a while now and have the pads. Buying this and not being able to use wireless charging is a downer for me. Plus it’s nice to just put it down and walk away. Plugging in is easy of course but this is even easier.


      Yeah easy but wireless is so slow at charging it’s ridiculous… Unless it’s Samsung’s newest wireless chargers and note 5 or S6 Edge plus

    • Sean Walton

      I only use it at night when sleeping so works for me.

    • kroms

      My Nexus 5 1st gen has it !! Gotta say it is convenient. It is the the principal of it . Not that is a HUGE thing but come on REALLY ? considering it is already 900 do you think another $30 to Add Wireless charging is that big a deal BB ?

      Poor Canadian BB fans. !!


      He was never getting it anyways, nobody is not going to get a device that is awesome in every way but lacks wireless charging….. Unless they’re not very smart lol

    • Humberto Giambrone

      When choosing between premium phones, this could be one of those things that makes the difference on the margin. Admittedly, the Priv is very different than other premium Android phones, so it’s not as likely to be a difference maker as it would be on, say, a choice between Sony or HTC, but it could. Certainly, I think think it’s more of a PR failure to do this to Canadian consumers and probably a failure to communicate given the people that seem confused by this whole issue.

    • grantdude

      Why is a remote control that big a deal? Is it so hard to get up from your couch to change the channel?

    • Andrew

      Getting up from a couch to change the channel on a TV is exponentially harder than using a remote (probably about a 10-15 second difference) in comparison to plugging in one wire into a phone over placing a phone on a charging surface (probably a 1-2 second difference).

    • Phi Nguyen

      Because pulling a wire in and out of a phone port wears down the port also why sometimes you have to hold the cord to the phone to charge it

      Fixed with USB – c but not all phones support it yet

    • thefoolishone

      Why is wireless charging such a big deal? It’s a gimmick. They sell it to the Americans cuz they like gimmicks.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      The biggest mistake I see people make on message boards is when they tell others what they should care about.

      Wireless charging matters to people, even if it doesn’t matter to you and others. Having a Canadian company omit it from Canadian consumers stings a little bit more.

      Did they think they could do this quietly? People were going to find out, and it was going to hurt what is already a niche product.

    • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

      No one cares about that garbage and never have. Stop pretending that something as novel as this is a deal breaker because it isn’t. Plenty of reasons to not buy this junk. Wireless charging the least important

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Obviously, there are those that would disagree with various aspects of your statement, so it’s invalid on its face.

    • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

      Those as in a handful of tech geeks who believe charging your phone like you would an electric toothbrush means anything. Haha. Okay. I’m sure you’re right.

  • LG did the same with the G3/G4… US get Qi charging… Canada gets zilch.

    • Yes, it’s our wonderful pro-consumer carriers, not the device manufacturer.

  • IqaluitZen

    It has high speed charging and the battery lasts 20+ hours.
    So, charge it at night, it will last all day anyway.
    Good grief.

  • Techguru86

    I don’t care for wireless charging, Blackberry hasn’t had a battery since the Z30 that I need to worry about charging my device, and given that this battery is much larger then any current generation Samsung, who really cares, fast charge is more then enough

    • Jordan Hogan

      I agree that you don’t really need it. It’s more the fact that they dropped a feature on a really expensive phone.

  • hoo dat

    It’s just made things even more confusing as CrackBerry recently confirmed with BlackBerry on more than a few occasions that devices purchased through Shop BlackBerry Canada would indeed include the wireless charging.

    • Jordan Hogan

      Yeah I got the same response from the Blackberry Help Twitter account. I think Blackberry needs to release a statement clearing this up for everyone.

      Or update their store page to list it as an included feature.

    • hoo dat

      I’m waiting for a response from them as I type.

    • kroms

      WOW cant wait to see how many PISSED OFF buyers on Shop BlackBerry who thought they were getting that feature !! LOL The Sh!t will hit the FAN.

  • St. Misery

    Are their margins that thin on a $900 device that they couldn’t include a feature they already built? The R&D was paid for, it’s only a matter of the cost of the part which couldn’t be worth more than a few bucks. Shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for most, but still not cool.

    • Jordan Hogan

      Well if it is only the carrier models that don’t include it than it was likely a choice given to the carriers. This might explain why the outright price is lower from carrier vs direct from Blackberry.

    • mxmgodin

      Re-read the article. It’s not just the carrier models. No phones sold in Canada will have it; only the US model will.

      “Only devices purchased via ShopBlackBerry in the USA will support wireless charging. They are both STV 100-1 models — however, wireless charging support is only specific to devices purchased via the USA ShopBlackBerry site.”

    • Jordan Hogan

      This isn’t what Blackberry’s support account has been telling people though.

    • Geoff Dean

      Glad they confirmed we’re getting wireless charging in Canada

    • hoo dat

      I understand what the article says but that wasn’t what BlackBerry’s website was showing for a couple of weeks, either, it was right there in the specs in the Canadian shop. I have no idea when it was delisted but BB better hurry up and figure out what’s happening in Canada because there are a boat load of people who are expecting to get the wireless charging who are going to be pizzed when they don’t get it. Incidentally CrackBerry checked with BlackBerry as recently as 3 days ago and were told wireless charging will be included in all devices ordered from Shop BlackBerry Canada and yet MS gets the opposite story.

    • Daniel Bader

      Yeah not sure what happened but they removed the listing and we got an official word from BB confirming it wasn’t included. Both have since been corrected. Sorry for the confusion!

    • hoo dat

      Thanks for the clarification, Dan but no need to apologise. I’ve seen the same information posted all over the net and all quoting a BB official of one description or another. Nice to have it finally cleared up.

  • J.S.Bach

    Not a big fan of wireless charging and with that huge battery it seems unlikely you’re going to need to charge during the day anyway. Still like this phone because it stands out. If the price is a problem then get something cheaper like an iPhone 6s Plus… oh wait

    • kroms

      You mean get a Nexus 6P, Better phone for less $$

    • J.S.Bach

      It’s about preference… I ordered a Nexus 6P myself so if Rogers gets their shít together I can actually start enjoying it.

    • Mindmeld

      I’m sure if Google priced it to make a going rate of return instead of artificially pricing it low, I’m almost sure the price gap wouldn’t exist (or inconsequential).

    • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

      Stands out as much as what’s between your legs buddy and that ain’t much at all. Only a dolt like you who used a Torch in high school and thought it was “cool” would believe such a thing.
      And to think you call me an old man. Lol@You

  • kroms

    Wait what ?
    A Canadian Company not willing to provide it’s (BB Fans ) very OWN Canadian users with the Option or at least charge that extra $30 ?

    So the Americans whom don’t give a ***** *** about the Priv will get it but not Canadians. WOW just amazing.

  • leobg

    What about devices purchased thru shop BlackBerry (not thru a carrier in Canada) are they the -1 or the -3 model? Anyone got theirs yet? …I guess I’ll find out hopefully soon when mine arrives. I ordered unlocked one directly from BlackBerry.

    • hoo dat

      It is the STV100-1 model, but now there’s confusion as to whether it comes with wireless charging or not which the US version has as standard. BlackBerry has said in the past that Shop BlackBerry Canada devices would indeed carry it. Now they seem to be saying something different.

    • Daniel Bader

      Sorry about this!

    • leobg

      I can’t believe there could be two variations with same product number – does not make sense.
      I just got shipping notification. I guess won’t be too long before it shows up. I have couple of Qi chargers, will know right away.

  • hoo dat

    If wireless charging is not included then why are BlackBerry charging $100 more for the Priv than the carriers?

  • Ronald

    Wireless Charging is a gimmick, it takes a lot longer to charge the phone and heats it up. I rather just take extra second and plug the phone into the wall. Quick Charge 2.0 will give you a couple hours of battery life in 15 mins

    • Hey Stupid is a Pole Smoker

      Sure it’s a gimmick but there are always a few sucker geek fanboys out there who lap it up like the trained poodles they are.

    • Jason Yu

      There is something to be said about the convenience about wireless charging. A wireless charging car dock is a lot less of a hassle.

      Beyond that, the USB port is usually one of the first things to go due to overuse. Plugging in and out every day, multiple times a day, eventually compromises the connection. This will greatly reduce the usage of that connection, extending the lifespan of the part.

      Finally, it seems like wireless charging standards are going to be more useful than offering customers different plugs. Currently there are 3 – USB type C, USB micro, and the lightning cable. with USB 3.0 coming in, bringing yet another cable in, that will bump the selection to 4. With Starbucks announcing wireless charging stations, I think in the future, the convenience of charging will be as prevalent as free wifi – but will only be offered as a powermat/qi solution as it is the simplest to implement.

  • Justin

    If i drive down to Seattle and buy a priv off contract will that one have wireless charging???

    • Justin

      If I order the phone through ShopBlackberry USA it charges me Washington sales tax, does anyone know if I can buy it at a retail location in Washington and avoid the tax (wireless charging version)

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  • IgnoranceIsBliss

    On CrackBerry, some people who bought them from ShopBB in Canada are confirming they have wireless charging on the Priv’s they ordered. Unless of course ShopBB messed up and sent out the wrong model which wouldn’t surprise me.

    Carrier versions are still out of luck though.

    Personally, I wouldn’t pay more for it as it isn’t something I would use but BB needs to clarify things better than they are doing now as it is obviously creating confusion.

    • Daniel Bader

      So sorry about this. Really unfortunate that we were given wrong information at the same time the Canadian listing didn’t include wireless charging information.

  • lcrooks

    Hi Daniel – I am sorry but your post is SUPER confusing and I fear misleading. The shop.blackberry online store lists the model for BOTH the Canadian and the USA model as the STV100-1. Are you telling us that there are 2 versions of the same model of phone with different features (one has wireless charging, the other does not)? That makes NO sense. I can understand if you purchase the phone through a carrier and get the STV100-3 that version may NOT have wireless charging, but I am pretty sure the shop.blackberry store is selling the SAME phone in the USA and Canada. Please correct me if I am mistaken?

    • Daniel Bader

      You’re absolutely right. We strive to post accurate information all the time but occasionally the companies themselves aren’t sure about things, which led to this situation. Hope it wasn’t too confusing.

  • louis

    @Daniel Bader , this article is wrong. please change it before you confuse more people. STV100-1 will have wireless charging regardless if you bought it from USA or Canadian shopblackberry as they all ship from the same warehouse and there are no SUBvariants on STV100-1

    • Daniel Bader

      You’re right. So sorry for the confusion.

    • ToniCipriani

      You might want to put a strikethrough in the incorrect information in this post, just to make it look clearer?

    • Daniel Bader

      Can’t do that — policy.

  • blzd

    Why would a key feature like wireless charging be missing from the carrier version? What did they need to use the space for if not the charging coil?

    • That’s more interesting to me. Why does the carrier variant not have wireless charging?

    • nimblejack

      Cost. The carriers demand they be able to undercut BB’s direct sales, so orders BB to remove features in order reduce the price so they look $100 cheaper than BB itself. Bloody effin crooks.

  • Eric Wedel

    Another side of this article bugs me: describing the STV100-1 and STV100-3 as “identical save for one thing: the addition of wireless charging”. This is not true: the STV100-3 is the better phone since it includes support for more LTE bands. So it is better for international roaming.

    For those of us who could care less about wireless charging, the lack of US STV100-3 availability is quite frustrating.

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  • fruvous

    Powermat compatibility? I wonder if Thorsten had something to do with that or not.

  • Geoff Dean

    So glad they are doing wireless charging for us Canadians!

  • nimblejack

    I bought the Priv outright today from Bell on the basis of both news posts saying it supported QI charging, and the BB site making no distinction between its products and those of the carriers. Bottom line: Bell will be getting the phone back tomorrow. And I told the sales manager specifically that the lack of QI was a dealbreaker for me now with any phone. Obviously he didn’t know it wasn’t the “full version” that Blackberry sells. What a p*ssoff. and waste of time.

  • Tehpriest

    I have just taken delivery of Priv in UK from Shop Blackberry and can confirm it does NOT have wireless charging even though support told me it did when I ordered and I have wasted money buying a Qi dock. very upset with BB

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