Bell HTC One V software update available today, brings stability and performance improvements

Ian Hardy

August 21, 2012 7:49am

Quick note to let Bell HTC One V owners know that there’s a software upgrade being pushed to you today. Software update v2.19.666.3 improves stability and performance on your devices, specifically fixes the “rare instances of SIM card detection failure,” improves to internet search responsiveness, and “address inability to forward and rewind in HTC Music widget.”

In the internal doc we received Bell stated that they “strongly recommend clients update their device to ensure the best possible experience.”

(Thanks tipster!)

  • Gsizzle

    Will the One V by Koodo also get this update?

  • Miknitro

    Hmm, so that sim error is not limited to the One X in the new HTC line up.
    Interesting that is is a software problem.
    well, glad to see one updated is getting updated, HTC usually leaves us hanging longer.

  • Harry

    yeah same sim card problem with telus HTC one V it’s truly a POS phone

  • jon

    Guys my HTC One V software now updated to 2.22.707.2