Public Mobile launches Unlimited Music service called “Siren”

Ian Hardy

August 14, 2012 11:03am

Unlimited music is about to hit Public Mobile. Officially dubbed by the name of “Siren,” powered by Livewire Mobile and backed by heavyweights in the music industry: Universal, Sony Music and Warner. Siren is an app that will be available on August 16th to all current or new Public Mobile customers who have an Android device – all other devices are not eligible for the service, which also means they are betting big on customers adopting Android handsets.

The Unlimited music service has been bundled into their Unlimited Talk, Text and Data offering and can be had for $40 per month (includes call display, call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling). If you want to spend a bit more, the $47 per month plan includes Voice mail and unlimited Canadian long distance. These prices are both “introductory prices” and will probably jump up to $50/month, and $57/month within weeks. Public states that you can download all the songs you want, they’ll get saved to your microSD card, and requires no data connection so you can listed to your music “anytime you want everywhere you go.”

There seems to be a decent selection of music from various genres and artists. The current list of available songs is upward of 1 million, but Alec Krstajic, CEO of Public Mobile, said that when they sign up all the independent bands the song base will increase to 5 million, this should happy by “late September, early October.”

  • Todd

    Is this BB 10?

  • Radar

    I think Public Mobile should be cheaper compare to Wind and Mobilicity due to their old CDMA network – now they are the most expensive from these three.

  • Michael

    Lol so to shorten Public Mobile Siren it’d be PMS.


  • iPhone will be amazing

    iPhone 5 on Public?

    • samantha jones

      Apple will never release there product lineup to a value mobile company. lol,,,,,

  • Vineet

    “There seems to be a decent selection of music from various genres and artists”…but where is the decent selection of Android Phones. PMS (Public Mobile Sucks)

  • jPhoneUser

    WIND and Mobilicity should tie up with RDIO or Spotify and give those services for a subsidized charge. RDIO runs to 10$ a month now, they shld offer it as a 7$ add on. Will increase the customer base for RDIO and push more users to their 40$ plan instead of 25$ plan for WIND.

  • Grover

    There’s a new phone in store (strangely not on their website yet) – ZTE N860..called the Warp in US. Looks pretty good

    • Avro Arrow

      I have this phone and I can tell you that it’s DAMN good!

  • John

    Unlimited songs from the 80s or 90s no thanks.

    • Grover

      Maybe, but I’ll wait and see until someone with the service can confirm… cant imagine a music service without the latest hits. Mind you netflix has minimal new content…

    • Alex PMI

      Siren Music = sample of the music.

      Chris Brown
      Benny Benassi
      Justin Bieber
      David Guetta
      Dr DRE
      the wanted
      Jennifer lopez
      etcccc NO music from 80’s here!!!!

  • Why?

    Anyway you put it, PM sucks.

  • Jessica

    Woo! I love my Public Mobile phone and I can’t wait for Siren. The service I’ve received from Public has been unparalleled by any of the other providers – I’ve been with Wind, Koodo, Rogers and Telus.

    • Avro Arrow

      I couldn’t agree more! The Public Mobile customer service agents are great and very accessible!

  • kev

    Its ok but i dont think it will last long. I find it to be too expensive when Itunes offer more varieties of music. They just need to work on getting better phones.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Why are all of public mobile’s phones so ugly? They all have huge unnecessary ‘PUBLIC’ branding on them. I took one look at the phones and was turned off instantly, without even looking at the plans!

  • ToniCipriani

    Every time I see Public Mobile it reminds me of phoneguy…

    So much fun downranking him.

  • alex

    humm public mobile has a new phone ZTE N860 with a 1Ghz processor and 4.3in screen for $249

  • jon

    How much is a SIM card at Public Mobile? Can I bring my own phone?

    • Roya

      You can’t bring your phoen over. Have to use one of their phones.

  • pots

    dropped calls now incompleted downloaded music cant wait

  • derek mercier

    Instead of launching this service it would be more prudent to improve their crappy network! Yes it`s cool they offer good plans but if you can`t make calls or use you data what is the point of offering it?! Any While their at why don`t they hire people at their stores than can answer questions without telling you to call customer service because they don`t know anything about cell phones.

  • smily

    seems like a nice set up, is that like a store on wheels ?

  • derek mercier

    I love how some people don`t like the negative comments. Honestly, when I`m in the middle of Montreal and I can`t send a text because I have no bars or can`t connect to the internet because there is no connection. And when I`ve had issues I go back to the store that I purchased my phone and the only thing I get as an answer is I don`t know it`s frustrating!

    • Avro Arrow

      Funny, whenever I go home to Montreal, I have no issues whatsoever with signal. If you’re in the basement of the SunLife building, even a satellite phone won’t reach you…lol

  • joe blow

    Siren is for clueless noobs who don’t know how to download music for free on torrent sites. I have a massive collection, over 8 terabytes and counting and more than 700 artists complete discographies, basically everything from every artist who has mattered in the last century, and spent $0.00.. not one dime 🙂

    • MobileMonkey

      Enjoy the music that you dont compensate artists for.

  • nelson


  • nelson

    Good muisc

  • nelson

    I like it