Bell releases the Motorola ATRIX HD LTE for $600 outright


  • {JPM}

    I’d rather have the $300 Galaxy Nexus

  • Doug

    Can someone confirm whether this is also available at Virgin Mobile?

    • MattyMattMatt

      AFAIK, the daughter will not be getting this.

  • nrj4life

    Ugh not another one… These people should be updating the existing phones they’ve got first.

  • V

    hahahaha what a waste, you would have to pay me $600 to use an android. RIM 4 LIFE 🙂

    • Samet

      As far as I know, the iphone4 is iOS based phone and Atrix is Android based phone, that’s 2 kind of dierffent operating systems. It totally depends on what kind of OS you want to use. the iphone 4 would be a little expensive than Atrix, and the screen is little smaller. But in my opinion, the iphone 4 would be better than Atrix.

  • Dern

    Why do phones gotta cost so much?

  • Lil Wayne

    @Dern Especially Motorola garbage..

  • GCooper

    This isn’t going to sell well, not with the s3 so close in price and nearly the same size. Especially with moto’s upgrade history

  • Jimbo

    Not trying to beat a dead house, but why $599, when the exact same phone is $449 on AT&T. Can we say price gouging.

  • wewewi

    Why do are we seeing the soft buttons if the screen is off?

  • Rich

    Moto! You don’t have a great enough rep to be in the +$600 crowd of Samsung or Apple. Stick to the 400’s.

  • shaker

    nothing much new here so why the big $$? fail.

  • Studystand

    Dat bezel

  • someguy

    Its too bad about the battery. I was planning on getting this phone because I love my original Atrix but not with battery performance this low…

  • Taylor Weatherill

    I must agree, a 300 Galaxy Nexus does sound a little more appealing ..

  • shadyguy

    I will wait and see if the rumours are true and see if the Razr HD comes to Canada as that is a competitor for Apple and Samsung.

  • cdn5abi

    That is one thick bezel. Not attractive at all.

  • Andrew

    the one thing I appreciate about motorola is the reception (signal strengh) and call quality. my brothers razr is far better than my galaxy s2 in that reguard… and the s3 hasn’t improved in that area.

  • David

    Keep in mind 95% of bell stores and the website will refuse to sell you at outright pricing.

    You’re forced to take a 30$-day contract (50$) plus pay (35$) activation fees.

    The absolute cheapest “outright price” is avaliable if you already have a bell account, in which case they’ll “only” charge you a bogus 20$ activation fee.