TELUS launching White Samsung Galaxy Note April 4th

Fresh, pristine, pure… the “new category of device” is coming to Canada in white. TELUS will be making the Galaxy Note and all its S Pen and 5.3-inch display goodness available in White on April 4th. According to the internal doc we received it says this LTE device will be priced the same at $199.99 on a 3-year, then ranges upward to $779.99 outright.

Check for this in a couple days…
(Thanks tipster!)

  • Dimitri.k

    I wonder if Bell or Rogers will release the white one as well. amazing device tho :)

  • Jordan Hill

    I am jordan hill

  • no1 u no

    Ugh. Teh wite ifone wuz out b4 dis thinGgggg. And mi wite ifone 4gS lookz betta and iz fasta andhaz moar thingz

    • Dimitri.k

      GTFO. Also please for the love of god. Please go to school & learn how to type & speak English.

  • shaggyskunk

    What’s with the fascination with white?? Just get to see your dirty finger prints?

    How about Stainless steel, gold, pink & red… Or one the color of every rubber wrist strap… Supporting your particular cause?

    • Dimitri.k

      IF they add gold it has to be fake unless you really want to pay a lot more for the device being gold.. The only company that is adding colors is Nokia & Blackberry. Other then that Apple, Samsung, Sony & the rest have white & black or gray.

  • Deli

    All white devices recently are glossy. It is super easy to clean and they don’t stain until you s**t on it – maybe not even then. I’ll easily trade my black NOte for the White one.

  • Mark

    Too bad the white version was not avaible when I bought mine. That’s the most stupid thing ever : the white version exists since the beginning, why not releasing it at the same time?

    • Jim Shorts

      Because they sell more units this way. It also gives the impression they are refreshing their phone line up. It is all about money money money.

  • no1 u no

    Plz dont dwnvte me!!!!!! :( </3
    It hurtz 2 b dwnvtd

    • vn33

      Huh ??? You know most people here use English to communicate, and do not type out their mumble-jumble, grunting noise, right ??

  • Bill

    Should switch from my white iPhone 4 to this, is it worth it

  • Shamu

    Great news Telus…thank you!!!! Now is it too much to ask for more accessories for this phone? Desk dock…More cover color options..

  • Todd

    I am hoping Sasktel will add any colour of the Galaxy Note to their current line up. It is slim pickins for smart phones for the Prairie cell phone provider.

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