Moneris launches “e-Select plus Mobile App”, allows BlackBerry and Android devices to be a point-of-sale terminal

Ian Hardy

October 31, 2011 12:49pm

Unfortunately “Square” is not available in Canada, only in the United States. This is the cool mobile payment service that was created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey – to date they have processed over $2 billion worth of transactions. If you have a business you can simple attach a small square dongle that you can put on your iPhone or Android and start accepting credit card payments from customers – no terminal is needed.

However, in Canada the battle is heating up, Payfirma has been offering this for a few months and now heavyweight Moneris has come to market. They have launched the “e-Select plus Mobile App”, which is far away from a cool name or even looking cool, but the basic service and convenience is there, allowing businesses to securely take credit card payments and make their device a point-of-sale terminal – it’s only available on BlackBerry or Android devices (not the Torch 9810). It acts like the others and all you have to do is swipe your card through the reader, then sends a confirmation receipt to customers via email.

Source: Moneris

  • Dorothy

    Spending money has never been easier!
    Thank you, technology!


    • Jay

      @Dorothy: Actually this is amazing for small business owners to COLLECT money from their customers. Especially those who might do on-site work and want the benefit of a mobile debit machine. Where was this two years ago when I was running an on-site PC repair business?! Very exciting news from Moneris!!

  • Kim Fraiser

    I found this great app, CSI globalVCard, that allows me to make B2B mobile payments on my smartphone and tablet. It’s available on blackberry, itunes and android. It’s definitely the safest way for my business to make payments on the go!

  • Will Lam

    I wonder what their fees and service will be like – comparable to Square? I suspect there will be many hoops that merchants need to jump through compared to the experience Square has set up.

    Hopefully Square can clear regulators and bring it up to Canada soon and disrupt the mobile payments space up here in Canada… they’ll run circles around PayFirma and Moneris.

  • Fitz

    @Will Lam, it’s a matter of time until Payfirma or Moneris gets rid of all the monthly fees and can easily compete with Square. Also as a large business, I wouldn’t take Square as I don’t own the merchant account. With Payfirma, I do own it. Square is like Paypal, you don’t own the account, Square does.

  • Lawrence

    Does anyone know how much this costs? I can’t seem to find it anywhere, not even an average. Or at least is it a monthly fee or per transaction?