EastLink launching a “world-class wireless network” in 2012

Ian Hardy

July 23, 2011 8:53am

During the 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) auction Halifax-based Bragg Communications paid $25 million and won 19 licences (located in Atlantic Canada, Northern and Southern Ontario and Grand Prairie). Their plan was to eventually expand their EastLink cable business and build out wireless services.

After the auction, Lee Bragg, co-CEO EastLink, stated that “EastLink’s goal throughout the auction was to secure spectrum so we can serve our customers and launch a competitive mobile phone service. We were successful… We will finalize our plans on when the service will be available over the next couple months and hope to be in market within the next year”.

Well, it took a bit longer than expected but the competition will be dramatically increasing out East next year. EastLink has officially announced they’ll launch their wireless service in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, putting the pressure on Rogers, Bell and TELUS and their sub-brands (Virgin, Koodo and Fido).

Jill Laing, EastLink spokesperson, stated that they plan to build a “world-class wireless network… We feel we’ll have a very compelling product at launch… The public has indicated strong support for EastLink providing a competitive choice for wireless services. One of the most compelling benefits of EastLink getting into the wireless business is the competitive choice it will bring to the market…We fully expect it will have the same positive impact on the market as our launch of telephone years ago”. No other details were given about timing, towers, plans or distribution.

It’s also expected that WIND Mobile will be opening up in Atlantic Canada. Past Wind CEO Ken Campbell recently said  that it’s “safe to bet we’ll be there” in 2012.

Source: The Chronicle

  • Jake

    Oh look, what do you know, yet another crappy zone based service provider.

    • Dimitri

      Oh look another trash talking troll..

  • Alex Perrier

    Sounds a lot like the Atlantic version of Vidéotron…

  • RO

    No New Brunswick? Thought they got licenses here too…

  • AwesomeP

    As far as being a cable and ISP go, I have really enjoyed having Eastlink. Yea they have their problems, but so does everyone (they’re a lot better than the company that they bought in my area Amtelecom). If they put the same effort into their wireless service as they do the cable end of things, They should meet with a good degree of success and have happy customers.

  • scotiaguy

    Eastlink coming to market will be a great asset in atalantic Canada due to we have no competive market here. The big 3 and their sub brands all offer the same thing at the same prices with just enough changes to say we are different.
    With Wind and Eastlink in the market we will finaly get the same choices as ontario and Quebec.

  • XER

    Competition is always good.
    The big three will eventually have their prices coming down.

  • MARS

    They better not launch a AWS network! Terrible selection of phones!!

    • koko

      There is a very good selection of AWS phones in the pipe. I reckon that by the time they start service you’ll see an AWS iPhone on the market.

    • ToniCipriani

      As long as it’s not AWS + CDMA we’re fine.

      Yes I’m looking at you, Public Mobile.

  • koko

    Hopefully, soon they’ll expand to Ontario too…
    The more *real* choices == customer wins!~

  • Joe

    Long long way to go……what I think.

  • Jason

    Telus is already World Class, these guys are going to like Wind spotty coverage, no high end devices, losers

    • Dimitri

      Really now. lets see you built a mobile company from scratch like they are? Lets see you try. At least they are trying to built one & make a few things.

  • edouard

    wind sucks fu

  • phoneguy

    anyone that says s**t about the calling zones are morons…PM for example has one of the biggest calling zones…if your with the big 3 your calling zone is your city…you live in toronto and have a toronto number guess what the GTA is your zone…you surely couldnt go out of the GTA or to Durham and use your phone unlimited…So understand the zones before you knock em genius.

  • john

    As long as competition exists its good for the consumer,it’s bad they couldn’t set up shop in Toronto oh well.

  • SilverPhoenix

    I have a 416 number, my “zone” spans from oakville to ajax and north to vaughn, that’s pretty damn big

    • phoneguy

      ya that is a big zone but still not near as big as the new 3 and the new 3 just got started for eff sakes the big 3 have been out for yeeeeaarrs PM for example has turned on all of 20% if that of there towers…wait til the province is your zone then what big 3?

  • Ryan

    My parents live on PEI, so I know they’ll enjoy this. Now hopefully Eastlink would implement roaming agreements with the other AWS providers.

    So far, my experiences with Eastlink are entirely positive.

  • Sunny

    I think Dimitri works for Eastlink

    • Dimitri

      Lol what? I do not even work for any cellphone company nor a service provider. I work for another company. I just said he is a troll. How does that make me look like I work for them? Please do explain.

  • tbr

    No surprise that the windy employees are not criticizing this company since they are not competing.

  • Zia

    really don’t get it when some one says about the coverage being in few cities for new entrants?? I am with Mobilicity and do get coverage outside home zone and pay only 20 cents/min (taxes included). how much do you pay with big 3 for roaming and long distance with their so called big coverage area??

  • aka

    @Zia – When you travel anywhere in Canada on the Big3, your outgoing call is local wherever you are. There are no roaming charges. You do pay for receiving phone calls being delivered to you by way of your LD per minute rate, but you can get unlimited LD add-ons for less than $1.50/day.

  • ex employee

    Its good to finally see that eastlink finally made the announcement. When I worked there wireless was just a pipedream and updates were kept as a secret. I knew it was coming, however I’m glad they did some r&d andare not rushing the product and service. I’m excited to see which handset manufactures will be around for launch. I’ve had eastlink home service as Long as I can remmeber and hope to switch my cell service someday too! (I’m not going to be an early adopter on this one, wireless service is really important to me so I want to see how it goes for others before I attempt the switch)


    @Koko Sorry but as soon as the the T-Mobile buyout is completed by AT&T, AWS is a wrap!

    You mentioned that there are some great AWS phones coming down the pipe, can you list them for us please?

    • Adam

      Exactly. After the AT&T takeover, there will be a total of about 300,000 AWS subscribers IN THE WORLD. Manufacturers aren’t going to make great devices for a tiny market like that. North America is the only place that uses AWS, TMo obviously being the biggest carrier. Once they’re gone, Wind, Mobi, Videotron and Eastlink will not have the pull to get devices.

  • Notgoingtoeastlinkwireless

    I would never use eastlink wireless as eastlink is now acting like Rogers. I will be using Globalive Wind Mobile when they come out as Wind Mobile knows the values and beliefs of consumer rights. I’m also thinking of switching my ISP from Eastlink to Teksavvy as we all know that the price of bandwidth just went down yet my bill just went up $5.00 a month bringing my bill to $72.00 a month. If the price just went down for bandwidth why they h3ll is my bill $5.00 extra??