Proof: Virgin Mobile to release Android HTC Legend

Ian Hardy

May 26, 2010 9:31am

A few weeks ago we let you know that Bell was going to release the HTC Legend. Over the weekend Virgin placed HTC as anew manufacturer on their site but no device was listed. We said then it could be the HTC Legend as they basically get the same devices as Bell – mainly because Bell owns Virgin.

Thanks to our Virgin Mobile tipster who let us know that the Legend is in fact coming to Virgin (their first Android device). You’ll see in the screenshot below that it’s currently listed in their inventory. No word on official launch dates or pricing but it also states a sell price of $357… so this could be the no-contract price but seems really low.

More soon!
(Thanks Puma!)

  • theninjasquad

    I’m trying to understand what benefit there is to getting a phone like this at Virgin.

  • bobsta

    well, they run on HSPA same as bell.

    and they have some cheaper options and plans at virgin.

  • Don

    I’m waiting for the post that will tell us that the HTC Triumph is available a Telus now!!!

  • Eric

    I really want the Desire/Triumph, but the Legend is really sexy, and I already have Virgin Mobile. It’s tempting, for sure.

  • Quatchi

    Why can’t WIND get a phone like this =(

  • theninjasquad


    They aren’t really much cheaper at all once you start putting together a comparable plan to any of the big 3.

  • Jr Bishop

    how come everywhere i look up the specs on this phone it says its GSM?

    and with 3G 900/2100 bands??

  • Eric

    I’ve watched every HTC Legend video on youtube 😉 and I really want this phone now! Can’t wait for official deets from Virgin!

  • tranq

    @Jr Bishop

    It IS a GSM device, and the big news about Virgin and Bell releasing it is that it will be on 850/1900 3G bands.

  • Donald

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