Bell HTC Legend launch party pegged for May 27th


  • Adi

    A launch party for a SLOW and UNDERPOWERED smartphone ? Only from Bell.


  • hw

    Underpowered but it’s still sexy, not a bad release at all if you think about it.

  • Erik Berkun-Drevnig

    The slowness is more a software problem than a hardware problem. These days any android device that is not a snap dragon is slow.

  • Bong Sniffer

    @ADI – exactly!


    For mobile aficionado’s, like the many of us on this forum. We can work with the subtle lags and force closes of a such an advanced mobile platform like Android.

    But to the bubble gum texers that have no time to 1) understand how the technology works 2) Don’t give a f#$K how the technology works, its true that Snapdragon is the benchmark for new entries of Android handsets.

    by the by…Tried the pre production unit in (Confidence) and its pretty smooth..but the minute you put the processor to sweats quite quickly and starts to lag.

    should be a good seller, i wouldn’t buy it though.

  • DavidM

    I don’t think the Motorola Droid / Milestone is slow, it’s not Snapdragon.

    The problem is Android hasn’t really got it together like (have to say it) iPhone, which has all around decent features – appearance, physical robustness, speed, battery life, camera quality, etc, etc.

    That said, I couldn’t own an iPhone due to its Apple centric nature, and iPhones get out of date too. I’m hoping the “perfect” Android will arrive soon (hopefully with keyboard), the Legend appears to just address one aspect of that perfect device, good physical design, almost making it a fashion choice, which is too bad because unibody can be very sensible.

  • Bong Sniffer


    I recently sold my Milestone for just such reason….after multiple apps start going, you do notice processor lag, things like movie playback or if its a multi processor program like Layar, that requires camera, GPS and Data at the same time..

    on another note..why is unibody design such an impressive feature?

    Rarely do you hear of a customer complaining that the screen popped off or the back housing fell off during use… absolutely silly is no doubt an impressive achievement from a design standpoint, but hardly relevant as some sort of saving grace for handset design that for some reason customers were asking for….I call BS.

  • Gaetan Lord

    Did the party ever happens, looking forward to buy this baby.