Bell to exclusively launch HTC Legend?


  • phuzzykiller

    Nice phone, but it’s still not going to get me any where near Bell ever again. I’ll stick with my N1 and Wind thankyou very much….

  • Zachary TG

    Hell no. No way. No way. No way. Not fair. What is happening to Rogers? I hate them. They need to redesign their entire company from the ground up.

  • Mr. T.

    let me guess……..another 3 year contract?!? You’re all fools to the rules of the big 3 (robellus)!

  • Rich

    Only 600mhz processor? This is like releasing the Nintendo when the Playstation is out.

  • Alex

    Does this phone have the “chin” like the hero?

  • Anthony Costa

    It has a small chin but personally besides the ~100mb more ram and small bump in processor speed it is nearly identical to the HTC Hero from Telus.

    Chances are when this is released Telus will release the 2.1 update for the Hero.

  • Gurkiran

    I agree with rich,
    600mhz….thats kinda weak…?
    The milestone had 600mhz, and thats been out for abit now

  • eric2k


    Why not the HTC Desire along side this phone? Then we could actually get something worth a three year contract.


  • CRiMiNALOGiC ®

    nice phone,
    gives me alittle hope to bells line up..
    would perfer tha desire or HD2.
    i would not go on term for this, but may consiter purchasing this and sticking with bell (for a bit) if nothing better from htc is releaced in canada.

  • Sheldon Huelin

    I was hoping Telus would get this.

  • Adi

    This phone might look nice but the specs blow. The CPU is not even a Cortex A8, just a plain old ARM11. Also, the screen res blows.

    So you end up with a pretty and underpowered device that will leave you wanting for more. Typical Bell. And don’t even get me started on the 3 year contract..


  • mkm

    This looks like successor to HTC Hero. Slow CPU, smallish screen (I wouldn’t buy any smartphone that has screen less than 3.7 inches). Bell should offer HTC Incredible as it’s flagship Android device. Nobody wants a slow smartphone anyways. BIG FAIL on this device from BELL even before it’s out.

  • EQ

    You can always buy unlocked if you’re not signing a new 3-year contract. There’s a much better selection available

  • user

    this? flagship? lol…..

  • Mike V

    Suprised no one has mentioned that the Legend’d body is a single piece of aluminum. For someone without the need of a 1GHZ processor, this thing can be used as a very durable business phone.

  • Guy Fawkes

    A bumped up version of the hero as the flagship… ? What about the Desire, or the GalaxyS ? Fail on Bell’s part, using a mid range at best as a flag ship.

  • Sined

    The one thing this phone really has going for it is it’s Unibody aluminum case.

    Just a thing of beauty.

  • eric2k

    How does this compete with

    Rogers X10
    Telus’s Milestone

    This is not flagship level Id take a HSPA PRE PLUS keeping current PRE pricing and data discount over this.

  • Kenny W.

    The phone I hope that Telus or Rogers picks up in the next few mths. is Samsung’s Galaxy S. 4″ amoled screen, 800×480 res., 5 meg.Camera+ 720p HD VIDEO,SD with (32 gig)Now thats a Winner

  • Pete

    This is pretty run of the mill. Nothing special here. Nokia N8 or Sony Xperia are both more powerful.

  • Davy C

    I think everybody is forgetting that Android 2.1 and HTC Sense is probably the best smartphone combination available today.

  • Davy C

    I think everybody is forgetting that, specs aside, Android 2.1 and HTC Sense is probably the best smartphone combination available today. The Galaxy will have useless software added by Samsung, Timescape doesn’t look like it can hold a flame to Sense either. Sense is the only skin I would ever put on my phone.

  • xaueious

    Beautiful hardware design, sad processor.

    Let’s hope prices are reasonable

  • Jr Bishop

    doesnt it have the same processor as the milestone??

    why is everyone complaining?

  • P

    no, not the same processors
    hero (Qualcomm MSM7200A)@528mhz
    legend (Qualcomm MSM7227)@600mhz
    milestone (Arm Cortex A8)@500-600mhz

    although i listed the mhz, its tough to compare unlike processor types

  • DLite

    Wouldn’t they consider the HTC Incredible instead of the Legend?

    Keep your customers two steps behind the technology, Bell.

  • Hyder A.

    Nice phone, but small screen size!

  • Xperienc3

    if anyone’s actually seen any vids online showcasing the legend in action you would realize that it is quite snappy and hardly lags. The Xperia on the other hand has better specs but on the software side its really buggy/laggy. SE has always had issues with their software even if their hardware was top notch. The Legend is a good combination of software and hardware for those who do not demand the power of snapdragon and hi-res screens. Its an android phone for the average joe with amazing build quality.

    With that said anything over $99 on a 3-yr contract would make it a really useless deal.

  • Pat

    Just updated the Hero to 2.1 today,….combinaion of 2.1 , “sense”, and wickedly improved speed blows any snapdragon without “sense” out of the water.