Apple holding iPhone OS 4 sneak peek event April 8th

Kate O'Brien

April 5, 2010 12:47pm

Apple sent out an invite for an event on April 8th at 10AM PT for a “sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS… this is very exciting as the rumoured changes are expected to have multi-tasking. We’ll find out what the future will be in a few days, but in the meantime here are some more expected features from a previous post:

  • There will be multi-touch gestures OS-wide.
  • “A few new ways” to run applications in the background — multitasking.
  • Many graphical and UI changes to make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient. We haven’t had this broken down, but we can only hope for improved notifications, a refreshed homescreen, etc.
  • The update will supposedly be available for only the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but will “put them ahead in the smartphone market because it will make them more like full-fledged computers” more than any other phone to date. Everyone is “really excited.”
  • The last piece of information is the most vague, but apparently there will be some brand new syncing ability for the contacts and calendar applications.

Via: EngadgetMobile

  • Domnick

    hmmmm they get mad at other companys for using multi touch mabye palm should get mad at the for using multi tasking

  • pascal

    Domnick> lol
    i hope next OS will allow users to use itunes on another CPU without erasing all my MP3s (refering to the vague sync ability)

  • Terry Hamilton

    Multitasking will put it ahead of all mobile devices? HA HAHAHA

    How about the ability to install my own programs? Or even my damned background! Mmmm black background I can’t change, now that’s ahead of the pack!