Rogers puts on pre-order promo for Xperia X10


  • Nicole

    Unfortunately for pre-existing Rogers customers, we can not pre-order this headset online. There’s a form we get the joy of filling out to get the free headset and we get to stand in whatever lines there might be at the stores to get it as well.

    Thanks again for wonderful customer service, Rogers.

  • pascal

    You can do it at Best Buy, it is an authorised Rogers dealer and fill in the form you can print out of the web site than wait for the head set.

  • Matthew Richards

    Poor poor SE. This phone just adds in their list of failures, no wonder their CEO resigned and they’ve lost millions of dollars. I appreciate their effort, but the approach to a Sense UI type OS fails massively. If you have a decent amount of contacts this phone bogs down and becomes completely unusable, which is really sad. There is much more to be said, but I’ll stick with the Nexus One or Evo 4g if it ever goes gsm, regardless this is sad to see.

  • Chris

    So which is it, the Xperia X10 or the Nexus One?

  • Chris

    to clarify, which is better: Nexus One or Xperia X10?

  • phuzzykiller

    Nexus One all the way! It’s a solid phone on it’s own, and if you desire having HTC’s Sense UI (and you are confident enough to risk bricking your phone) you can root it and throw the Desire ROM on it instead….. which is exactly what I plan on doing once I get mine.

  • Matthew Richards

    Nexus One all the way if you are on Rogers banding. Yes you can root the phone, but most importantly, if you don’t and stick with stock Android, any update google makes will first go to it’s baby, the Nexus One. Anything skinning the OS will take a while, and even though updates don’t roll out every month, it is still important to keep in mind. Also, the Nexus One does not bog down with a ton of information and content, it streams it very well unlike the X10. I wanted to love the X10, I’m a huge Sony fan, but the SE market is a failure, I really think they need to re-tool the whole area.

  • Garnet Ulrich

    I can heartily recommend the Nexus One. Great phone. And fast like rocket.