Koodo goes live with new Self Serve website

Kate O'Brien

February 5, 2010 11:49am

For those customers that are on Koodo Mobile you’ll be happy to know that the new and improved Self Serve website has gone live. This should make your life a bit easier. You’ll see that it’s easier to navigate your way around, update your profile, change your plans, change your Add-ons… more importantly faster way to check your monthly usage. All you have to do is access your account via Koodo.

Here’s a pic again of what you can expect:

  • Brian

    That looks a lot better than their last POS system. And no I don’t mean point of sale 🙂

  • Jim R

    All nice and fine. What would be even more nice and fine is for Koodo to get on Telus’ HSPA network and start selling SIM cards for it. Virgin is on Bell’s HSPA and is selling SIMs; why not Koodo?

    [yes, I know, it’s the same network]

  • Brian

    I don’t believe Koodo has any immediate plans to use HSPA, despite their site being setup to use SIM cards.

    I imagine the reason being plenty of CDMA handsets are still being released and the HSPA is more geared towards smartphones – there’s very few HSPA phones even on Telus that aren’t smartphones.

  • douane

    how can i pay the bill ?