Apple patents “Device-to-Device Location Awareness”

Another day reveals another Apple patent. This time it’s called “Device-to-Device Location Awareness” and basically gives iPhone users the ability to share their location with other iPhone users via GPS with the touch of a button. The opposite can also happen too… a friend could request your location. I’m sure there are a number of security issues around this patent but the description goes into detail of how the location can be sent via text message and most likely pop open a map with your exact positioning.

The official description states: “During an ongoing wireless telephone call communication session between a pair of mobile devices, a local device responds to its user’s activation of a virtual or actual button or key, or its user’s verbal command, by automatically sending an over the air message (e.g., a SMS or text message or other network communication message) to the remote device. The message requests location information of the remote device. Upon obtaining location information from the remote device, a location of the remote device is automatically displayed on the local device. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.”

Check it our here at US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Via: PatentlyApple