Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20

Pre-orders open on June 16th

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 -- Miles and Peter

Summer Game Fest 2023 gave us crucial information about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. 

The highly anticipated title launches on October 20th on PS5. Summer Game Fest’s Geoff Keighley also asked Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar questions about the upcoming title, confirming the developer is confident it’ll make that October 20th release date.

Keighley also learned that the person consumed by the Venom symbiote isn’t Eddie Brock. It’s possible that this Venom could be Harry Osborn, but only time will tell.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a new trailer, but Insomniac showed off cool artwork tied to the game.

Pre-orders open on June 16th. Below are some of the suits available if you pre-order the game:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will allow the player to control both Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ Spider-Men as the two are being hunted by Kraven the Hunter.

However, at some point, Parker makes contact with the Venom symbiote, giving him more power but also making him become more aggressive. It’s unclear if Kraven is the true villain of the game or if it’s Peter himself.

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Image credit: Insomniac