Samsung pledges to fix Galaxy S23’s blurry close-up photos with a new update

The update is expected to drop sometime in June 2023

It’s become apparent that Samsung’s latest non-Ultra flagship phones are experiencing an issue causing blurry and smudged spots in photos. Now, after a period of silence, the tech giant is hinting a possible fix is coming.

In a community post from the tech giant’s Polish newsroom, Samsung says that Galaxy S23 and S23+ users had been experiencing problems during close-up shots taken on the devices. Reports include blurry and smudged photos that made shots of documents and texts completely unreadable.

Samsung goes on to pin the problem on bright aperture on the phones that already have a smaller focusing area. According to the company, this is what led to the blurry effect in photos.

Although an explanation sounds like a step in the right direction, what Samsung describes seems to be different from some of the problems that users have been facing. The issues, dubbed ‘bananagate,’ have been persistent throughout landscape shots as well, not just close-ups.

Even if there is still some confusion over what the exact problem is, the South Korean company says that it plans to address the blur in a future update. Most users will want to avoid close-up shots and landscape orientation photos until the update drops and (hopefully) fixes the issue.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra does not seem to be affected by the blurring issue due to its ultra-wide camera and Focus enhancer mode. Despite this, blurring can be spotted when the phone shoots in 50-megapixel or 200-megapixel mode.

The update is allegedly planned to roll out in June 2023 and looks to address a multitude of camera-related issues that have plagued the S23 line for some time now. Additionally, a new 2x zoom option for portrait mode is rumoured to be added as well.

Source: Samsung Via: Android Police