Samsung Galaxy S23 owners report blurry and smudged spots in photos

Samsung has yet to acknowledge the problem

Despite a camera-focused update being released in April of 2023, several Galaxy S23 and S23+ users continue to face a hardware defect with the phone’s camera, with reported blurriness and smudging appearing in photos.

The problem seems to be affecting non-Ultra Galaxy S23 users, with some reporting seeing a blurry and smudged spot on the left side of all photos taken from the S23/S23+’s 50-megapixel primary camera in landscape orientation.

What may sound like a minuscule problem is made bigger by the fact that the affected area renders text unreadable, making documents and messages practically useless.

The Reddit user ‘Switch01‘ took to the social media site to complain about the hardware bug, as well as Samsung’s refusal to acknowledge the issue thus far.

Although big camera sensors in modern smartphones have been known to cause blurring across the edges of photos, more information has revealed that this is the problem plaguing certain S23s. The smudging has only been reported on the left side of the screen, with not all S23 users reporting a problem.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which features a larger 200-megapixel primary camera does not display a blurriness problem.

With over a month passing since the initial complaints, the South Korean tech giant has not acknowledged the issue yet. Users who have sent their phones to the company for repair had the device returned in the same condition, with reports of Samsung claiming the problem was a characteristic of the big camera sensor rather than a hardware issue.

While an update that focused on the phone’s camera was released in April, it looks like users facing the dreaded photo blurring will have to wait for Samsung to take action toward rectifying the issue.

Source: Reddit ‘Switch01’ Via: Android Police