Apple kills off two classic products: 2011 Thunderbolt Display and 2013 iPad Air

The 5th-Gen iPad has also been added to Apple's vintage list

Apple is bidding adieu to two of its classic products.

The tech giant has officially declared the 2011 Thunderbolt Display and the original iPad Air obsolete, meaning that they can no longer receive any repairs or service from Apple or its authorized partners.

Apple products that haven’t been distributed for sale for more than seven years are considered obsolete.

The Thunderbolt Display was a 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution and several ports for expanding a Mac’s connectivity. On the other hand, the iPad Air was the first of its kind, a thinner and lighter tablet than any previous iPad. It features a 9.7-inch display and runs on Apple’s A7 chip. At the time, the iPad Air was praised for its sleek design and narrow bezels. It was also the last iPad to include a 9.7-inch display before Apple switched to larger models.

Both products were discontinued in 2016 after being sold for five years. Now that the devices have been added to the obsolete list, it means Apple no longer makes or stocks any parts for them, and that customers who own them are out of luck if they need any service.

Additionally, the 5th-Gen iPad (2017) has been added to Apple’s vintage list. This tablet can still get repairs and service, but only if parts are available. It, like the 2011 Thunderbolt Display and the original iPad Air, will join the obsolete list in two years.

You can find a list of Vintage and Obsolete Apple products here.

Source: Apple Via: iMore