This new Range Rover’s seats vibrate to music

Haptic feedback will make listening to music a more dynamic experience

Range Rover vehicle

Jaguar Land Rover has announced a new Subpac-powered experience for its Range Rover Sport SV Edition One vehicle. The haptic technology is embedded in the car’s driver and passenger seats and provides vibrations that sync with the music you choose to listen to.

The vibration tech is powered by Subpac, and is being marketed under the name “Body and Soul Seat” or BASS. Membranes and transducers will provide feedback that matches the frequencies of your music, turning what is normally an acoustic experience into something more physical.

You can imagine a bass-heavy song creating a strong thumping sensation, or higher-frequency music providing a subtler tapping experience.

Haptic feedback is all the rage these days, and Jaguar Land Rover is just the latest company to jump on the new technology trend. For example, we’ve seen advanced haptics appear in smartphones, smartwatches, game controllers and other product categories.

It’s difficult to say just how popular this premium addition will prove, and whether or not the automotive industry will adopt haptic feedback more broadly in the coming years.

Image credit: Jaguar Land Rover

Source: Jaguar Land Rover Via: Engadget