Rogers matches Bell’s $55/75GB bundled offer [Update]

The offer was previously set to expire on May 31st but is still available on Rogers' website

Bell and Rogers logos on smartphones.

Update June 2nd, 2023 12:03pm ET: As of writing, the offer is still available on Rogers’ website. The header outlining the May 31st expiration date has been replaced.

Rogers’ bundled plan offerings on June 2nd.

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Rogers has dropped the price for its 75GB bundled option.

The company is now offering customers 75GB of 5G data for $55/month if they pair with home service and use automatic payments. Without it, the plan costs $60/month. Eligible home services include internet, TV, home phone, or home monitoring.

Rogers’ website lists this as a limited-time offer. Just days prior, Rogers bumped the available data for the plan to 75GB and attached a $65/month price tag.

The recent price reduction matches Bell’s offer of 75BG of data for $55/month if bundled with home service.

Also, unlike Bell, Rogers’ offer is set to expire on May 31st. It’s unclear when Bell’s offers expire. At the time of writing, a specific date isn’t listed on their website.

Rogers’ bundled plan offerings on May 30th.

More details on Rogers’ plans are available here.