YouTube Premium subscription fees set to rise for grandfathered subscribers

"This price increase is due to an overall rise in content costs," said YouTube in a statement

Earlier in October 2022, YouTube increased the cost of its Premium family plan. In an email to subscribers, the company said that the cost of the family plan will shoot up to $22.99/month from the regular $17.99/month.

It was revealed back then that ‘grandfathered’ accounts would still pay the original $17.99/month cost. For reference, grandfathered accounts are those that joined YouTube’s family plan before it was rebranded to YouTube Premium back in 2018.

Now, even those users who paid to subscribe to the streaming website back in its ‘Red’ days will be charged the updated $22.99/month fee.

Tweet replies from YouTube’s Twitter account revealed the reason for the hike.

“This price increase is due to an overall rise in content costs, but we’re always looking at what new content we can bring to YouTube TV,” wrote the company.

Google already warned about the price increase in an email sent to customers a while back. The company said, “to continue delivering great service and features, we will be increasing your Premium family plan price from $14.99/month to $22.99/month.”

The company also stated that the change will be implemented with your next billing cycle on or after April 13th, 2023. However, if your subscription renews before this date, you will be charged the old price for an additional month.

Source: Android Police