Xbox’s expensive expansion cards are likely about to get a bit cheaper

A new, less expensive Western Digital option leaked on Best Buy's website

Xbox Series X/S expansion card

Microsoft is seemingly working with new manufacturers on additional storage expansion card options for Xbox Series X/S.

As spotted by The Verge, a since-deleted listing on Best Buy’s U.S. website showed a 1TB Western Digital expansion card priced at $179.99 USD ($242 CAD). For context, this is $40 USD ($53.85 CAD) cheaper than the $219.99 USD ($296.05 CAD) 1TB model offered by Seagate, the only company to currently produce Xbox’s current-gen expansion cards.

In Canada, the official pricing for Seagate’s 1TB card is $289.99. It’s unclear what the Canadian pricing for Western Digital’s 1TB card would be.

Since launching in November 2020, the Xbox Series X/S have only supported Seagate’s pricey expansion cards. Given that current-gen games take up increasingly large portions of console storage space, this has left Xbox consumers with few options. Outside of buying the expansion cards, your only alternatives are to delete games when possible or use Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream titles without the need for downloads.

It remains to be seen when Xbox and Western Digital will formally unveil the new expansion cards.

Image credit: Xbox

Via: The Verge