Montreal’s Kitfox reveals Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out for iOS and PC

Developed by Seattle's A Sharp

Six Ages 2

Seattle-based developer A Sharp has unveiled Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out, a sequel to 2018’s Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind.

Published by Montreal’s Kitfox Games, Lights Going Out will offer players more turn-based, storybook strategy combat. While the sequel is a standalone experience, players can import their saves from Ride Like the Wind to carry over some choices.

Set during the end of the world, Lights Going Out tasks players with making decisions that will determine the fate of a small clan. This includes managing the group’s relationship with the remaining gods and their followers by making offerings, building altars and more. In total, A Sharp says there are over 500 interactive scenes with multiple, system-driven outcomes.

Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out will release on iOS and Steam this summer.

Image credit: Kitfox Games