Rogers offering $95/50GB Canada-U.S. plan until end of day

Typically you'd need to fork out for the $105/100GB plan to get Canada-U.S. calling, texting and data

Rogers has a small, limited-time promotion offering its $95/mo 50GB ‘Infinite Premium’ plan with Canada-U.S. calling and texting instead of the regular Canada-only version.

iPhone in Canada spotted the promo over the weekend, but it ends on April 3rd, 2023.  As far as promos go, it’s not that crazy — the bump from Canada-wide talk and text to Canada+U.S. talk and text, as well as the ability to use data in the U.S., is small but nice. For frequent travellers, it could add up to significant savings compared to the $12/day Roam Like Home rate.

If I were paying that much money per month, I think I’d rather pay the extra $10/mo for the $105 Canada-U.S. plan with 100GB of data instead. But also, I’m not going to pay that much per month for my phone.

Rogers’ Canada-U.S. $95/mo promo.

Ultimately, this seems like another small shot at Telus and Bell after they upped the cost of daily roaming in the U.S. and international destinations. Rogers hasn’t followed suit, but the carrier has offered a free day of roaming and now a discounted Canada-U.S. plan. That said, Rogers isn’t innocent when it comes to price hikes — it has previously increased the daily roaming cost and more recently jacked up the price for calling long-distance from Canada to the U.S. to $1/minute.

You can check out the Canada-U.S. deal here.

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Source: Rogers Via: iPhone in Canada