Uber riders in Ottawa score the worst ratings for the second year in a row

Like drivers, Uber customers also get rated for their trip

Uber splash screen

Uber riders in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal might want to use Uber’s tips for improving their rider rating.

Riders in these cities represent the top three places with the lowest rider ratings in Canada, repeating a trend Uber first shared last year. Hamilton, which was also on the list the year prior, and Edmonton round out the top five.

But that doesn’t mean riders in these cities can’t improve their ratings. According to Uber drivers, they can score higher if they wear their seatbelts, don’t make the driver wait to start the ride and don’t slam the car door.

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Customers who have yet to see their rating can do so in the privacy center.

Riders in Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Red Deer, Winnipeg, and Halifax represent the cities with the highest ratings.

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