Koodo, Fido, Virgin remove $60/20GB, $55/10GB promo plans [Update]

In their place are $60/10GB and $55/8GB plans

Update 2022/10/05 at 4:12pm ET: Virgin Plus has now removed its promotional plans and instead offers $55/8GB, $60/10GB and $65/15GB plans like Koodo and Fido.

It looks like Koodo and Fido finally ended $60/mo 20GB promotional plans the carriers have offered since July.

Judging by updates to both providers’ websites on October 4th, the $60/20GB and $55/10GB promo plans are no longer available. Interestingly, Bell’s Virgin Plus still has both of these promotions, as well as the limited-time $5/mo bill credit for 12 months. However, I’d expect this will leave soon too.

In place of the promo plans, Telus flanker brand Koodo now offers a $55/8GB plan, $60/10GB plan, and a $65/15GB plan. Moreover, Koodo had added notices to the promo plans on its website that said they would go away on October 3rd — looks like that’s exactly what happened.

Rogers flanker brand Fido likewise offers $55/8GB, $60/10GB, and $65/15GB plans. Fido previously removed its $5/mo for 12 months discount for these plans but re-added the promotion shortly after.

It’s definitely a bummer to see these plans go, given the (debatable) value relative to the Canadian wireless market. The Big Three offer plans starting around $85/mo for 25GB of data — while those plans do include 5G access, that benefit remains minimal as carriers are still in the early stages of rolling out 3,500MHz spectrum.

You can check out Koodo’s new plans here and Fido’s new plans here. Although, with the holiday season around the corner, it might make more sense to wait and see what, if any, deals come with it.