Chatr offering 3GB monthly data bonus for six months, one month free

Or you can still pick up the provider's $45/15GB back to school deal thanks to yet another extension

Rogers flanker brand Chatr is back with another limited-time data deal. This time around, new customers can get 3GB of bonus data per month for six months on $35/mo+ plans. Moreover, Chatr is offering one month free on all plans.

Both offers run until September 26th. For the data offer, customers must keep the same plan for the six-month period, and the bonus will expire if the account becomes inactive. In other words, pick a plan you’ll want for at least six months.

As for the one-month credit, Chatr notes it will be applied on the third-anniversary date. To claim the credit, customers will need to reply to a text message they receive from Chatr after activation. Once again, if an account becomes inactive or if customers change the plan, Chatr won’t apply the credit.

It’s worth noting that Chatr still has its $45/mo 5GB plan with a 10GB monthly data bonus for one year available. That offer can’t be combined with the other offers (although I’d argue the 10GB bonus data is the better deal).

Chatr’s website lists the 10GB bonus offer as expiring on October 3rd, which is yet another extension on the deal. Previously, Chatr listed it as ending on September 20th, and before that, it was supposed to end on the 8th.

It’s worth noting that Chatr’s plans cap data at 3G speed, and that customers can get an extra 500MB of data per month if they sign up for auto-pay. Chatr’s ‘Talk, Text & Data’ plans come with either Unlimited Canada/U.S. or Unlimited Canada Talk (depending on the price), and Unlimited texting.

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