Fido, Koodo add $5/mo for 12 months discount to match Virgin Plus

That's $60 in savings

Koodo and Fido have rolled out new bill credits to match a Virgin Plus offer launched over the weekend.

As a quick refresher, on July 29th, the Big Three flanker brands launched new $60/mo 20GB plans in most provinces (Quebec, as usual, has better deals). The next day, the three providers quickly added $55/10GB plans. At the same time, Bell’s Virgin Plus added a $5/mo bill credit to the $60/20GB and $55/10GB plans. The bill credit runs for 12 months, giving customers a $60 total discount.

Koodo’s $5/mo discount

Now, Telus’ Koodo and Rogers’ Fido have added similar discounts. Like Virgin, Koodo’s bill credit comes as a $5/mo discount for 12 months ($60 total). Koodo’s website notes that the discount only applies for customers who bring their own phone (dubbed BYOP). Moreover, the provider notes that “some offers may be offered online exclusively,” although I don’t see anything indicating the $60 credit is online-only.

Fido’s $5/mo discount

Fido, on the other hand, explicitly states the $5/mo credit is only available online, and customers need to enter code ‘PROMO5’ to get it. Although the website isn’t clear about the duration of the $5/mo discount, when you enter the promo code, it does state the discount lasts for 12 months (again, $60 total).

Ultimately, $5/mo off is $5/mo off, even if it’s only for 12 months. Still, since all these plans are BYOP, customers aren’t on a contract and can freely leave after 12 months if they want. (Anecdotally, if I were grabbing one of these plans, I’d add a reminder to my calendar 10 months from now to give me a two-month head start on hunting for a better deal to grab before the $5/mo credit expires.)

Anyway, you can grab one of these plans from Fido, Koodo, or Virgin Plus. It’s not clear how long the discounts will stick around, however, and some of the providers mark the plans as limited-time offers, so you may want to hurry.