Cybertruck deliveries could finally start arriving in mid-2023

The anticpated EV hasn't even entered production yet


During a Q2 investor call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company’s eagerly anticipated Cybertruck electric vehicle (EV) could begin delivery in the “middle of next year.”

This is the most specific timeline Musk has offered so far. The CEO previously said that the EV would “hopefully” arrive next year.

The Cybertruck was announced way back in 2019 with the goal of entering production in late 2021, a mark that’s clearly been missed. Then, in August 2021, Musk delayed the vehicle to sometime in 2022 before pushing it to January during a Q4 earnings call.

The cause of the delay is unclear, but it’s believed to be tied to its outlandish video game-like design — or, perhaps, its rather strange-looking single front wiper. That said, the rather out-there-looking truck has been spotted in the wild several times over the past few years.

During Tesla’s earnings call, Musk didn’t offer more detail regarding the vehicle’s continued delays. The controversial CEO said that the company “does not have a demand problem; we have a production problem.” Tesla’s Q2 profit fell 32 percent from the previous quarter to $2.25 billion USD (roughly 2.89 billion CAD).

Image credit: Tesla

Source: CNBC Via: The Verge