You can finally see your Wi-Fi password in iOS 16

This is one of iOS 16's most minor but still useful quality-of-life improvements

Along with a haptic keyboard and Touch ID working in landscape, iOS 16 will finally allow you to view the password of the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

This is a minor quality-of-life improvement but it’s still notable.

For example, if you’re at a family member’s house and you don’t know their Wi-Fi password but you’ve previously connected to their home network, there’s no way to view it to connect other devices (this always happens to me with the Nintendo Switch).

With iOS 16, all you need to do is open the Wi-Fi section of the Settings app and select the network you’re connected to.

Next, you’ll see a new ‘Password’ option that appears after you authenticate your identity with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.

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Source: Apple Via: MacRumors