What retro games do you want to see on PlayStation Plus Premium?

I'm hoping to see Tenchu


This week, Sony finally unveiled its often-rumoured Xbox Game Pass competitor, called the “all-new PlayStation Plus.” The three-tier subscription platform, which merges PS Plus with PS Now, includes up to 700 games and access to select retro titles when you subscribe to specific tiers. The all-new PlayStation Plus launches in some countries in June, and is coming worldwide at a later date.

We don’t have Canadian pricing yet, but we know how much the service costs in the United States.

U.S. pricing for PlayStation Plus Extra is $14.99 USD (about $18 CAD) monthly/$39.99 USD (roughly $50 CAD) quarterly/$99.99 USD (about $125 CAD) yearly. Plus Extra offers around 400 PS4 and PS5 games with “some blockbuster hits.”

U.S. pricing for Plus Premium is $17.99 USD monthly (about $22 CAD)/$49.99 quarterly (roughly $62 CAD)/ $119.99 yearly (about $148 CAD). This tier includes 340 more games with PS3 titles available via cloud streaming, and some classic titles from the PlayStation, PS2 and PSP era.

Plus Premium will also offer time-limited game trials, allowing you to try out select games before buying them, sort of like the good old days when you could rent titles.

There’s also PlayStation Plus Essential, but this tier is identical to the original PlayStation Plus.

Are you planning to buy PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium? And if you are getting Premium, what retro games are you most excited to see return? Personally, I want to see Tenchu, but let us know your choices in the comments below.