‘GTA V’ for next-gen consoles on sale until June 14th

It's 75 percent off on PS5 and 50 percent off on Xbox Series X/S

Grand Theft Auto V Michael

Rockstar’s much-loved Grand Theft Auto V  and GTA Online will finally arrive for next-gen consoles on March 15th with revamped graphics to take advantage of the newer hardware.

While the ageing game will look a lot better on new consoles, it also comes with a price tag — one that might actually be reasonable if you manage to take advantage of one of the sales. The problem will be finding them.

The Verge put together a list of the various discounts available for next-gen copies of GTA V in the U.S. It seems similar offers are available in Canada, but with some exceptions. It’s also worth noting that the next-gen version of GTA V is available for pre-order now, but the deals should extend beyond the March 15th release.

GTA V on PS5

Let’s start with PlayStation 5. Those in the Sony camp are reportedly able to nab GTA V for 75 percent off and GTA Online for free until June 14th. I was able to find the free GTA Online in Canada, but not the next-gen version of GTA V to verify if it has the same discount as in the U.S.

Update 03/09/2022 at 4:10pm ET: The PS5 version of GTA V costs $12.50 in Canada (thanks Tytan!).

The Verge noted that the PlayStation 5 versions could only be found by browsing the PlayStation Store on a PS5. That appears to be true in Canada as well — I couldn’t find them on the PlayStation Store website. But then, I also couldn’t find the next-gen GTA V while checking the store on the PS5.

It’s also worth noting some people may need to navigate to the PS4 version of GTA V then click the three dots, ‘View Product,’ and select ‘Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 5)’ to view it, but again, that didn’t work for me.

If you’re among the lucky few that own a PS5 and you’re blessed by the Sony gods to see next-gen GTA V in the PS5 store, please share the price below for the rest of us.

GTA V on Xbox Series X/S

Those in the Microsoft camp may have better luck finding the next-gen GTA V, but they’ll pay more for it too.

The revamped version of the game for the Xbox Series X and S is available for 50 percent off. I verified this was the case in Canada, thanks in part to the wonderful web-accessible Xbox Store. You can even check it out for yourself via this link.

Next-gen GTA V will cost $24.99 until June 14th — the bundle appears to include both the base game and GTA Online. That said, if you just want Online, it’s available separately for $12.49 (that’s also a 50 percent discount).

I already own GTA V, is there an upgrade option?


Should I buy next-gen GTA V?

It depends! If you haven’t played GTA V before and you want to on your fancy new console, this is a pretty great deal. It’s also not a bad offer if you want to get into GTA Online. However, for those who already purchased GTA V or Online on a previous console, handing over more money to Rockstar may leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Whatever your situation, I’d also strongly encourage you not to pre-order the game. Rockstar’s last launch, the GTA Trilogy, was incredibly buggy. It may be better to wait and see how the revamped GTA V fares before putting down your hard-earned cash. You’ve got until June to take advantage of the discounted price anyway, might as well use that time to see if the game’s worth buying.

Image credit: Rockstar

Via: The Verge