Government of Ontario tables legislation to speed up delivery of broadband projects

The focus is to connect underserved and unserved communities in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has tabled legislation to bring high-speed internet to underserved communities as soon as possible.

Dubbed the Getting Ontario Connected Act, 2022, it will remove barriers and make it easier for companies to build infrastructure delivering high-speed internet across the province.

The Province notes it is currently investing $900 million towards 180 broadband, cellular, and satellite projects.

If approved, the legislation will “provide the tools and assurances that internet service providers need to get shovels in the ground as early as this summer.”

It will also improve the One Call process of pinpointing the location of underground lines, water mains, and gas pipelines. The work will be completed by one person, in some situations, instead of being duplicated for every project. Doing so will reduce the waiting period for internet safety providers and lead to faster construction, resulting in more broadband infrastructure.

“It often takes businesses and builders too long to start construction because of how complicated it is to get information about underground infrastructure,” Ross Romano, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, said in a statement. “These are costly delays to building critical high-speed internet projects and housing developments that we can’t afford, which is why we’re accelerating how quickly workers can get shovels in the ground.”

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Government of Ontario