Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo is now available

Suck up a car and drive around

If you want to play Kirby and the Forgotten Land before the game launches on March 25th, a new demo that features three levels from the game’s first world is now available.

In this world, you can try out the new Mouthful Mode that allows Kirby to swallow objects like cars, water balloons, a scissor lift, a pylon and more.

In the demo, players can take on the game’s first boss and at the end, you’ll get a ‘Present Code’ upon completion. When Kirby and the Forgotten Land is officially released, this code unlocks in-game items.

Like other Kirby games, you’ll be able to copy enemy abilities as you travel across an unknown world. The title also features a local co-op where the second player takes control of Bandana Waddle Dee.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land releases on March 25th. MobileSyrup will have more on the game in the coming weeks.